Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

February 22, 2010

Perrin-Whitt CISD's Scholastic Book Fair set for this week

By Jo Renfro

MINERAL WELLS — PERRIN – We had been warned there would be snow before that Friday morning. I think it turned out to be more than the weatherman was expecting, to say the least. It was pretty as I sat in the house looking outside. All the area schools were closed on Feb. 11 and Feb. 12 was even worse, even though it looked like a picture postcard outside. So much snow, it came heavy all day, very confining. At first report we had 8 inches but by the time it finally quit snowing we had totaled up 12 inches, I think that’s some sort of a record for us.

Our TV was messed up because the dish was full of snow. Good day to be busy with something you can enjoy doing inside. This was the first time we had enough snow in our dish to put them off the air and did I miss that for about 24 hours. I kept busy with hand work, appliquéing a butterfly quilt. Trying to get a little house cleaning done, in small spurts. If I didn’t have a telephone, I would really have a hard time. Have great friends that bring mail to me and help me any way they can.

I got some news from the school through the school’s librarian, Jo Brumfield. The school library will be having its annual Scholastic Book Fair this week, Feb. 22-26, from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., in the library. This fair is supported by the local PTO and funds raised from the sale of the books helps fund the Accelerated Readers prizes at the end of the school year for elementary through high school and also for the librarian to purchase more books for the library. Mrs. Brumfield has requested any parent volunteers to contact her as they are in need of all the help possible. The fair has books for all ages, computer games and puzzles. There’s something for everyone. Contact librarian Jo Brumfield at (940) 798-3845, ext. 236, for more information or if you would like to help.

Jo also told me that the Perrin National Honor Society is selling raffle tickets for dinner to one of the following: $25 at the Mesquite Pit; $20 at Chili’s; $15 at Joe’s Pasta n Pizza; or two super Mexican dinners with drink at El Paseo. All of the restaurants are in Mineral Wells. This is to raise money for the Sam Samniego Scholarship fund. A scholarship in memory of a former student at Perrin. Tickets are $1 for one or $5 for 6 which can be purchased in the library, office and any NHS member. The drawing is March 12.

I was disappointed that I wasn’t feeling up to going to the Secret Grandparent Dinner at the Perrin Church of Christ last Sunday. I heard that it was really a nice meal and the room was decorated so pretty. Sherri Brazeal did all the decorating. The kids had the grandparents guess who they thought their secret grandchild was and none of them got it right! They had a dinner of baked ham and roasted turkey with delicious side dishes and lots of desserts. I know what the food was like because Elton and Louise Short brought me a big plate with lots of goodies. I also found out my secret grandchild was Samuel Brazeal. He sent me a beautiful container with red hearts and a candle gel that has a really good smell. Thanks to Samuel for being such a good secret grandchild.

Talked with an old friend in Oklahoma today. He was a driller on our crew. Also talked to my uncle C.L. Raper in Weatherford.

Today (Monday) that sunshine looks so good this morning, but with the brisk winds, a very cold morning. And of all things, our heating stove in the living room decided time to rest. So of all times, another thing for us, it’s old, like me and doesn’t do a good job. We had another old heater which still works, so we put it in.

Betty Snow fell last week, but fortunately just suffered a small cut and some bruises She wasn’t able to come to the Secret Grandparents big reveal dinner Sunday and was very disappointed.

Had a wonderful surprise just now, my granddaughter, Sherree Hintz, in Odessa, called me and I talked with her little boy, two year old Nathan. First time I have heard him call me Granny! They are about to begin race car driving, of course he really likes that. He makes all the races with his parents.

Don’t forget about the March 2 primary and the voting place has changed in Perrin to the Perrin church of Christ Fellowship Room. It has previously been in the Precinct 2 County Barn. I have worked the elections and it really was cold in there on those concrete floors. I think this will be an improvement for the election judges as well as the voters.

There will be an 80th birthday celebration for Ted Burns of Perrin this Sunday, Feb. 21, in the First Baptist Fellowship Hall in Perrin from 2 p.m. to 4 pm. Everyone is invited to honor Ted and show him your love. No gifts please.

The February Angel Food box will be delivered on Saturday, Feb. 27, from 8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m. The March menu isn’t up yet, but Fred Mealio will have it around town as soon as it is available. Menus are available for download on Angelnet.org.