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October 29, 2009

Senior Center News

<h3>Avon calling: Annual senior center fundraiser to begin</h3>

<b>By Guinn Sweet</b><br><a href="mailto:sweettalk@mineralwellsindex.com">sweettalk@mineralwellsindex.com</a>

The nicest thing about wintertime is the approaching holidays, and one of the nice things about the holidays is that Lisa Clutts and the Avon organization bring an annual fundraiser to the Senior Center.

This will be the seventh year that Ms. Clutts has allowed the center to display many of the basics products of Avon as well as some of their specialties, to be sold/ordered at the Center, while allowing up to 20 percent to 35 percent of the sales income to be placed into a tax-exempt fund to benefit the center.

The first display was set up this past week, featuring lip balms, hand and face creams, toiletries, colognes, jewelry and other old standby articles that we have become accustomed to using over the years.

“Back to the basics,” Lisa stated. She wants to make sure that, in spite of the financial situation, we will be able to secure practical and useful items for gifting during the Christmas season, including some really neat “stocking stuffers,” all of which will be affordable and desirable.

In order to display the greatest quantity and types of products, they will be changed every few days, so if you don’t find just exactly what you had on your mind, it probably will appear on the tables in a few more days. Delivery dates will be flexible, with orders arriving about every two weeks. Order times will run throughout the entire months of November, beginning on the second and ending with the last day of December. Orders made as late as Dec. 11 to arrive in time for wrapping and placing under the Christmas tree.

There is still time to have a chance to get an appointment for a session of “Happy Feet.” The first Friday of each month, most months, the next one is on the 6th of November. Foot health is important for everyone, diabetics, older folks, youthful, active people who “stand on their own two feet” in the workplace, at home or school. This activity feels good, and it is a learning experience in care for your own body. It’s too bad that the time is limited, but the service is free, sponsored by our good friends, IntegraCare and Donna McDaniel, who always take care of the “groundwork.” Do your footwork and see if you can get an appointment for this activity. Your feet will appreciate it!

Contributions may still be made to United Way of Palo Pinto County through the Senior Center at any time. American society is built on the Christian and biblical concept of “Do unto others,” “You reap what you sow,” “give and it shall be given unto you,” and also on a purely secular principle, “What goes around comes around,” “you give, you get,” invest in others, you reap the interest,” etc.

Actually, it is a practical thing to put something in savings for later use, and that does not always mean use for your own good, it can be for the good of others. Whatever reason you may have for giving a gift toward United Way, it has the potential of being a gift to yourself if circumstances change. Get what I’m saying? Give what you can and get what you need!

If you are following the comings and goings of the Silver Notes, take a memo: they will be at Palo Pinto Nursing Center on the 2nd, the Mineral Walls Nursing Home on the 9th, the Crazy Water on the 16th and Lakewell House on the 23rd. No announcement has been made for the 5th Monday, the 30th of November. That will come later.

Thursday, the 5th, will bring the Taramasso duo to our center to help us with research of our family closets. By the way, they are looking, not only back into their pasts, but also into the future, with the celebration of a new “grandbaby,” which I am sure they spell it grand baby. Congratulations to them for that progress! Regular scheduling would dictate that they would return on the 19th, that is, if they aren’t playing with the future on that date.

Acupressure specialist, nurse Patricia, will practice her art at the Senior Center on the 6th. Be sure you make an appointment for this visit, since it will probably be her only trip to the center this month, due to the impending holidays. Her artistry will go a long way in getting you in “shape” for enjoying the holidays to the utmost.

Call the center at 325-6470, y’hear!