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November 16, 2009

Personally from Perrin

Help take the Perrin count by being a census worker

PERRIN – The Census 2010 will hold a testing day for crew workers and other employment on Saturday, Jan. 30, in the Perrin-Whitt Library from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. To apply for any position, you need to bring a photo ID and your Social Security card or official birth certificate. The test will be timed 30 minutes for 28 questions. Filling out the paperwork is what takes up the majority of the time. Starting salary is $10 an hour plus mileage. Anyone 18 years and older may test. There is more information and practice booklets in the school library.

Pamper yourself after the holidays fund raiser for American Cancer Society Jack County Relay for Life. A night of being pampered from head to toe with two different massages-legs and feet with pedicure and manicure. There will be movies and refreshments provided and for a cost of $75 for all. There is room for just 10 reservations for the ladies, so call early. The date is Saturday, Jan. 23, from 5:00-8:30 p.m. The fundraiser will be at the Perrin Advent Church. Call Marlene Hughes to reserve your place at (940) 798-2001 or (940) 229-2001 (first come, first served) to reserve your spot.

We passed another anniversary. I’m a record keeper and most is on my calendar. On Jan. 16, 1943, on Saturday evening we set out to get married. I was 17 and R.D. (Todd) was 18. My brother, Paul Montgomery, and new wife, Novella, were going with us. We decided to drive by the Rev. Lon Shawver’s place and see if he would do the act. Todd went into the house to talk to him. After a short time here they came to the car. He stood by the car and did the ceremony. It was short and sweet and must have been alright as it lasted 62 and a half years.

Todd passed away July 8, 2005, and is buried in the Perrin cemetery with a double stone with our names on it. He spent a hitch in the Navy Sea Bees, stationed in Providence, R.I, on the East Coast and at Berkley, Calif., on the West Coast. After the service we came back to Perrin for awhile. We learned about “doodlebugging” and went to work for a geophysical seismograph crew out of Tulsa, Okla. Todd was a surveyor on the first crew for Geophysical. We lived in Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and then back to Texas while on that job.

While we were in South Texas, we went to Old Mexico. In these years we met lots of great friends, and I’m still in touch with several of them. A great experience, and loved the traveling and seeing new things but it was good to settle down. We adopted our only child, Derek Alan, now living with me since the heart valve implant in 2009. I have three grandchildren, Derek Lee, Sherree and R.D. and five great-grandchildren, Jo Ann, Heather, Rebecca Renfro and Nathan Hintz and Leland Renfro. I have now reached the age of 84 and am enjoying a good life. I’m a member of the Perrin Church of Christ. Just wanted to have it on paper for the kids to show their children someday. I have written the Perrin news for the Jacksboro and Mineral Wells newspaper for lots of years. I write whatever I can get collected then get it to Kay Mealio and she e-mails it to the papers.

I did remember that Jan. 18 was my granddad Smith’s birthday, then my 95-year-old aunt Beulah called to remind me that it was her father’s birthday.

I had misplaced my favorite cookbook, placed it up high on a shelf in my pantry. I can’t reach it and had seen it every day, but never really knew what it was. It was a gift to me from Bob and Winnie Coffee on the drilling crew in Winnette, Mont., in 1973. So I didn’t recognize the wrapper. Had some gray masking tape around it and a great surprise to come across. Spent most of the day going through it. It had little suggestions through it and I spent a lot of time writing some great suggestions down so I will put them in here. Maybe someone will enjoy them as much as I did.

Fresh vegetables should be cooked soon as possible to maintain flavor and quality.

Leftover meat, fish and poultry will attain new status in salads.

To make unmolding gelatin easier, lightly oil mold before filling. When unmolding salads, dip mold in pan of warm water; run a hot wet knife along inside mold, invert over a platter, re-chill.

To store fresh salad green for several days, slice lettuce head into halves or quarters and store each piece in a separate tightly closed plastic bag.

To prevent freshly baked potatoes from becoming soggy, prick with a fork as soon as they come from the oven.

I’ll have some more for next week!

The Angel Food February menus will soon be put up around the local businesses.

Awoke with sunshine coming in my window. It’s time to get the news written and over to Kay’s for e-mail to the Jacksboro and Mineral Wells newspapers. I have seen no one and haven’t been anywhere in so long I haven’t gathered anything newsworthy.

If you have any news either about your family or any other community happenings, give me a call at 798-2235.