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November 30, 2009

Personally from Perrin

<h3>Baptist church hosted holiday dinner</h3>

PERRIN – At the Baptist church here in Perrin they had a community meal to celebrate Thanksgiving. Everyone said it was very nice and reported a good time. I wish I had known about it a little sooner as I would have put the news of it in my column. It sounded like they had a big turnout anyway!

Saturday morning, Kay called me and said they were sending me a Thanksgiving box from Angel Food Ministries from the Church of Christ here in Perrin. It was a big box of frozen food, so nice and I was so happy to get it. We will have a turkey for Thanksgiving and enjoyed a boneless ham today.

Then later in the day, C.C. Mosley brought a big bag full of groceries. This was from the Advent Christian church here in Perrin. All this on the same day. They have been doing this for some time each month.

My little great granddaughter, Jo Ann, was a cheerleader for the Millsap Bulldogs. She is 5 years old and really enjoyed it a lot. One night this week they gave each of them trophies. She was so thrilled. She went to all the games, hone and away. I never got to see her perform, but saw pictures. Maybe next year I can see her. The other two girls are Heather, 3, and Rebecca, just past 1. Three beautiful little girls and I miss them.

So many deaths recently I’ve learned about this past week.

A Kincaid, and Don Breeden at Whitt, Willie Mitchell, Marge Herring and Doris Franklin Abernathy. Doris and I graduated together, but I had lost track of her, and didn’t know she had moved to Stephenville. All of these were in a week’s time.

The Perrin Masonic Lodge No. 1082 associated with the Fort Worth Scottish Rite Foundation is selling oranges and grapefruit in time for the holidays. These fruit are from the Texas Rio Grande valley at $12 a box for 18 pounds. The orders need to be prepaid and orders in by Friday, Dec. 11. To obtain an order form you may get one at the Perrin-Whitt school office or the library. The check should be made out to the Fort Worth Scottish Rite. The pickup week will be around Dec. 14. There will be no home deliveries.

The Pirates football team lost to the Muenster Mustangs I their playoff game Nov. 20. That brings to a close the 2009 football season, but the boys did real good getting to go on to district play.

The December Angel Food box order is due Dec. 6. You may order online at the Angel Food Ministries website or mail your order indicating which boxes you wish. Make the check out to the Perrin Church of Christ and mail it to 228 Rick Road, Perrin, TX 76486. The boxes of food will be delivered on Saturday, Dec. 19, from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at the church’s fellowship room. Since this is for the Christmas holidays, there are several gift boxes available. For further information, contact Fred Mealio at (940) 798-4455.

Remember to give me any news about visitors over the holidays and if you have any news of upcoming events in the community, we need to get that in the paper as soon as possible.

I haven’t been anywhere but to the doctor and the grocery store for a fast trip. It’s been nine months since my heart surgery and I think I should be alright. I am still unsteady walking, and try to make myself rest often. I hear from some who call every day, or I would be lost. Maybe another week and I will be stronger.

If you have any news either about your family or any other community happenings, give me a call at 798-2235.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!