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December 28, 2009

Personally from Perrin

<font size="3">Thank you, all of you</font>

PERRIN – I have finally decided I will get “thank you” cards to all the ones I have been planning for so long. Now it has grown into such a deal I think I have reached a solution. I will just write it in the news and get it over.

There has been so much going on, kids have come by a bus one day and Mrs. Self and her pre-K students got out, such small kids didn’t look like they could be out without their moms. I met them at the fence and they sang for me. So sweet and I enjoyed it so much. The Perrin 4-H kids have been here two times, and they brought a bag of food and came last week and brought a Santa boot with nice things in it. The Church of Christ congregation here in Perrin brought a box of the Angel Food, which contained lots of frozen food as well as ready to eat. My cousin, Natcha Dyess brought a pumpkin pie and hot rolls. The Advent Christian church brought lunch one day and Louise and Elton Short bring me my mail and have brought groceries also, they come most every day. I thank all of you very much.=

Last Sunday (the 20th), when it finally got to where I could see outside, the ground was so white with a heavy frost, almost looked like it had snowed.

Had a card and letter from Lora and James McQueary. She reads the Perrin news and wanted to know if I knew a Harrison McQueary and wife, Ruth. (That is “Brother” McQueary who was in Perrin for many years.)

Scott Mosley is in the hospital and diagnosed with a couple of masses in his brain. They are draining out fluid to give him relief from the pain. Keep Scott in your prayers.

Billie Gillespie is selling out her stock of Home Interiors and Gifts. The company has gone out of business and she’s selling her inventory at half price or less. Call her at (940) 798-2735 or (940) 452-1242 to see all her stock. From what she said she has a large variety of items and at a good price.

The Perrin-Whitt school will resume classes at the regular school time on Monday, Jan. 4.

Have received so many of the children’s pictures. Sherree’s Nathan is so cute, eyes as blue as the stripes in his shirt, but I may be prejudice on my great grandson! The three Sitton girls had the long pictures of the three children in each family, so cute. I do appreciate all of them. Thanks to the parents for remembering me. Everything has been so nice.

We found two large bags of groceries on the car late Sunday. We thought it was brought by C.C. Mosley from the Advent church, but I called them to be sure it was right. Appreciated it very much. The church brought lunch to us one Sunday.

I hope I covered all the thank you’s and left out no one. I do want to add Kay to the list. She is such a help to me in getting my news out. Thanks to everyone!

The January Angel Food box order menu is posted at several of the businesses in town. You may order online at the Angel Food Ministries Web site or mail your order indicating which boxes you wish. Make the check out to the Perrin Church of Christ and mail it to 228 Rick Road, Perrin, TX 76486. For further information, contact Fred Mealio at (9340) 798-4455. The January order is due Sunday, Jan. 10, with the delivery on Saturday, Jan. 23.

There will be a wedding shower in honor of Ashley Francis, daughter of Renee and Eddie Francis and Cody Murray, on Sunday, Jan. 10th, come and go, from 2-4 p.m. at the Perrin Advent Christian Church. Everyone is invited.

Remember to give me any news about visitors over the holidays and if you have any news of upcoming events in the community, we need to get that in the paper as soon as possible.

My son, Derek, and I have decided to do Christmas like we did Thanksgiving, stay home and go nowhere. Weather doesn’t sound very agreeable, so sounds best to stay home.

If you have any news either about your family or any other community happenings, give me a call at 798-2235.