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May 21, 2013

Travis goes Ga-ga

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— From staff reports

The Travis Elementary TNT (Travis News Team) proudly donated a Ga-ga ball pit to the Travis campus.

Money earned from their hard work at the Little League concession stand and the annual Travis Elementary Splash day provided the necessary funds.

This is a game that Travis sixth grade students were introduced to at Camp Grady Spruce this year and grew to love.

Ga-ga is a fast-moving game, similar to dodge ball, but played inside a “pit.”

Players can only hit the ball with their hands. If the ball hits a player, even from a ricochet, the hit player is out. If a player knocks the ball out of the pit with their hit, they are out. The last one standing in the pit is the winner.

After sixth graders visited Camp Grady Spruce earlier this year, they worked to bring the game to the Travis campus. In fact, there are already plans in the works to add another Ga-ga pit.