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April 11, 2014

Groups partnering with MWISD

Mineral Wells Index


Tuesday night's Mineral Wells ISD School Board meeting was dynamic, filled with presentations, awards and various agenda items up for approval. The first presentation, narrated by MWISD Public Relations Coordinator Karyn Bullock, was the MWISD April Partners in Education. This month, two organizations received the award.

Mineral Wells Masonic Lodge #611

“It is a proven statistic that without proper attention and care, a child's mouth can become a danger zone, giving way to bacteria and serious diseases that can lead to life-long health problems,” Bullock said.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has labeled oral diseases a “silent epidemic,” that is the number one disease affecting children today. Some 51 million hours of school are missed each year by children because of dental-related illness, Bullock said.

Another reported problem with dental-related illnesses is that they are progressive and cumulative, worsening overtime.

In March, Mineral Wells Masonic Lodge #611 donated dental supplies to grade one students at Lamar Elementary to help promote dental hygiene. Each student received a kit, which included a toothbrush, toothpaste, instructions, stickers, floss, a timer and educational information for parents in English and Spanish.

“This program strives to prevent suffering from toothaches, but it also helps reduce missed school days due to dental problems and cuts the cost for dental treatment,” Bullock said. “The little smiles of our first-graders should stay nice and bright in the future.”

The lodge's Donnie Hoover and Chad Jordan humbly received the award before heading out the door to make it on time to a Masonic meeting.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance

“Goals provide a standard so students can gauge their progress, and setting goals can have a substantial impact on a student's self-worth and achievement,” Bullock said.

Lamar Elementary students have a goal. Students who uphold a perfect attendance record have the chance to receive a free bicycle.

Each student who maintains perfect attendance for one school year is placed in a special drawing for a chance to win a bicycle.

“But while the young students may have their eye on winning the prize, our teachers know the real reward for good attendance – the increased chance for academic success,” Bullock said.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance, led by Pat Bazzell, donated two bicycles and helmets to do their part in seeing students achieve their goal of perfect attendance.

“So while the students might think it's cool to be rewarded just for attending school, we are thankful for community members like [Texas] Farm Bureau who are making it a top priority to assist in improving student achievement at Mineral Wells ISD,” Bullock said.

TFB Representative Linda Porter Bradford graciously accepted the award on her organization's behalf.

In other news, MWISD School Board approved:

• Proposed revisions to Board Policy regarding transportation management and student transportation.

• Adoption of a resolution regarding hazardous traffic conditions.

• Local District Update 99, affecting local policies.

• 2014-2015 Calendar revisions.

• Contracts and work agreements for professional employees.