Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

November 30, 2012

Mineral Wells SkillsUSA students take part in leadership event

Mineral Wells Index

— Mineral Wells High School SkillsUSA CAD Chapter 3166 members represented Mineral Wells High School at the SkillsUSA District IV Fall Leadership event Oct. 26 at the North Richland Hills.ISD Center for Technology and Advance Learning in North Richland Hills.

Members attending were Curtis Allred, Kobe Baker, Maribel Perez, John Santillan, Alex Hall, Jorge Zambrano, Coulton Winn, Corabeth Allred, Steven Greensweight and Kedryn Gordon, accompanied by sponsor Joy Allred and advisor Dayman Whittenburg.

Their day started with a scavenger hunt where they had to answer 30 different questions about SkillsUSA and Leadership Skills. To get the answers to the questions they had to ask other SkillsUSA members from other schools for the answers and have them sign off on it. They could not ask anyone they knew.

Outdoor activities were Bull Ring, Ghost Ship, Chocolate River, Noodle Relay, Mountain Tops and Tightrope that went as follows:

Bull Ring – A group of 12 students had to carry a tennis ball by strings around and through several cones and then place the tennis ball on top of a cone at the end.

Ghost Ship – Students had to direct a blindfolded student through a small obstacle course in order to reach an objective in which the captain rediscovers the ship they were “lost” from.

Chocolate River – The students were required to display leadership skills by helping all their teammates cross the river without leaving others behind.

Noodle Relay – Students had to figure out a way to carry noodles without using their arms. After that relay the students had to carry the noodles without their arms or legs. That exercise had the students get closer to each other.

Mountain Tops – A group of 12 students stood on a platform and had to get everybody to another platform using a short 2x4 and a 2x6. As they went each platform decreased in size. This in all students had to be on the platform by the end in which case they won.

Tightrope – Groups had to hold onto a rope to try to keep each other atop a wobbly board.

Another event was the North, South, East, West Activity, a test where students were described as an impatient person, a caring person that has no worries, an impatient person who watches the clock like a hawk, or a party person who only cares about the presentation. With this information you can use it help setup the best way to work as a team or individual improvement.

Ice Breakers – There were songs and dances that aimed to drop  a student’s shyness around others. The ice breakers were Duke of York, Duke of Earl, Beaver Call and Hunter.

Other activities they learned the different opportunities in SkillsUSA, different offices they could hold and different contests.

All members returned as better leaders and better team members. To sum it all up, they know when it’s better to be a team leader or a member.