Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

March 17, 2012

Working with the Environment

High-flyers down to earth with eco-friendly mission

Mineral Wells Index

Photos and Story by Libby Cluett | lcluett@mineralwellsindex.com

At the 4K River Ranch near Palo Pinto, a goldfinch strategically positions itself on a depreciating bird feeder. A quick aerial assault by a tufted titmouse, then another, displaces the chattering goldfinch, temporarily.

At this relatively new home of two former U.S. Air Force pilots, this low-altitude “combat” at the bird feeder or a high-altitude reconnaissance flight by a hawk or vulture are the only types of aerial maneuvers visitors are likely to see.

Instead of reaching for the skies above, Col. Kim and Kent Olson examine the earth under their soles. It seems being grounded along the Brazos River provides a new perspective on life and the terra firma surrounding them.

In developing their landscape and homestead at 4K River Ranch – which stands for their respective first names and those of their children, Katelynn and Keegan – the Olsons delved into a new learning experience. They discovered and sought out earth-friendly, sustainable practices and made many environmentally conscientious decisions to create biodiversity around them, which is the focus of this story.

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