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June 20, 2011

Rhonda Patterson named ‘Citizen of the Month’

Gordon News

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By Betty Allison | Special to the Index

 GORDON – The Gordon City Council recently selected Rhonda Patterson its “Citizen of the Month.” We normally put this information out on the marquee by the bank, but she wanted no part in that. She is modest and probably will not look kindly on this story, but I am attempting to let you know some reasons of why she was selected to this honor.

Rhonda grew up in Reno, Texas, and graduated from Springtown High School. Her mother died at the age of 36 and her dad, Jerry Neighbors, raised her and her brother and sister. Jerry worked in Arlington and is now retired and lives here.

Rhonda is not a city girl so she looked for a small town in which to live. Someone told her about some acreage just out of Gordon, which she bought immediately. Now, she needed a house to put on the land. She found one and had it moved. On the way to her property, one side fell off, but that didn’t faze her. She proceeded to rewire, re-plumb and redo all of the jobs that one would expect an expert to attempt. She did have some help in leveling the house!

As you probably know, Rhonda is a teller at our local bank. Recently see inquired as to when others were taking their vacations and learned that two weeks ago no one was going to be gone so she decided that she would take a week and let her motorcycle steer her to North Carolina! Some of her cousins and friends (like 24!) were going to make the trip and she was invited to join them. She met them in Louisiana and away they went! She said that she had never laughed so much in her life, so from that, I assume she had a great time.

She did take a “side trip” and rode down to see her brother who lives in South Carolina. Joining them near Ashville, N.C., they proceeded up the Blue Ridge Parkway through the beautiful Smokey Mountains. She got back the following Saturday. The only sign of any problem was a blistered nose!

One of her greatest achievements was graduating (or whatever you do) from the EMS program. She is the only one in a beginning class of 23 who completed the course. That shows how difficult it is. My hat is off to all who serve their communities in this manner.

After working all day at the bank, you see her getting in her four miles of walking. She doesn’t choose the easiest route either. She goes down the hill toward the Dicksons and back up (which the end of the walk must be a killer!)

One day I saw her over at her dad’s, who lives across the street from me. I had ordered a new remote garage door opener and didn’t have a clue as to how to program the thing! Knowing that Rhonda can figure out anything, I walked across the street and asked her if she could come over after checking on her dad. In no time, she had pushed this button and that button and now every time I raise or lower my garage, I think “Thank you Rhonda.”

When you see her in the bank, congratulate her on being selected “Citizen of the Month,” and watch her blush!