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July 3, 2011

Thurber High School, circa 1923

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By Betty Allison | Special to the Index

GORDON – The Gordon Library and Museum received an email from Avalon Bruce of Imperial, Texas. She is moving and found an annual that belonged to her mother, Faye Davis Bruce. She wondered if we would like to have it and I immediately responded that we would LOVE to have this bit of history.

Faye was the first daughter of Belle and Erwin Davis and grew up on a 200-acre place 18 miles from Stephenville. Her brothers were Boyd and Henry Ford Davis and sisters were Gussie Davis Hilburn and Marie. Marie has two sons and all are buried in this area.

The annual was a 1923 edition called the T-P. Their mascot must have been Indians because there are Indian drawings throughout, obviously T.P. for Texas and Pacific, but T-P would also make one think of Indians, right?

The senior class consisted of Lillian Keith, Marguerite Terbet, Bill Angus (class president), Lewis Taylor, Hazel Moreland and Artie McCune.

The junior class consisted of Elves Wallace, James Judon (class president), Marie Keown, Helen Marrs, Era Davis, Edwin Davis, Raymond Parker, Janie Moreland and Frank Martin.

The sophomores were Alfred Johnson, D.L. Parker, Frank Whitworth, Ruth Henley, Vera Deaton, Gussie Oyler, Virgil Roberts (class president), Jim Woods, Walter Doss, Velma Creighton, Janie Beth Gorham, Lena Mae Judon, Ben Paulowsky, Howard Stevens, Ray Coody, Jewell Anderson, Fay Davis (owner of the annual), Eva McAlister, Maurine Tolleson, Edison Lee and Willow Harmon.

The freshmen were Jack Sanderford (class president), Kathyrne Creighton, Elizabeth Moreland, Mary Elen Calaway, Marshall Marrs, Hellen Calaway, Odessa Carter, Reuben Anderson, Gladys DeWitt, Gaylena Bridges, Arl Dorris, Cleo Black, Opal Patterson, Raymond Bridier, Margaret Marrs, Jewell Patton, Teddy Bott, Mary Ruth Britton, Alpha Hatcher, Wilma Sherrill, Curtis Judon, Ray Bowers, Amelia Bertino and Drexiel Black.

The students (even down to the freshmen) look so mature – boys in suits and ties, girls in Sunday-type dresses sometimes with a string of pearls and fancy hairdos.

The school had a Hiking Club, a Tennis Club, a Gypsy Club consisting of girls dressed as gypsies (I guess). Their motto was: “Eat, drink and be happy for tomorrow we may die.” Quite a few belonged to the Spanish Club.

Two years in a row, Thurber won the county championship for the Interscholastic League competition.

They had a popularity contest (similar to today’s class favorites). Opal Patterson and James J. Judon were selected winners.

In football they competed with Strawn, Eastland, Stephenville and American League. In basketball, they had the most success in the history of the school, playing against Gordon, Huckabay, Lingleville and Johnsville.

The girls basketball team beat Lingleville two times with the identical score of 11-8. In their game with Unity, the score was 49-9 in favor of Thurber!

Their advertisers were: from Thurber, T.P. Coal and Oil Co., T.P. Mercantile and Manufacturing Co.., Thurber Brick Co., Thurber Earthen Products, Modern Café and Bida Bros. General Merchandise; from Strawn and Mingus, E.L. Brown, Tailor, Loflin & Waddington Auto Accessories, S. Rice & Milling Men’s Store, First State Bank of Strawn, First State Bank of Mingus, First National Bank of Strawn, and Strawn Studios; and from Stephenville, G.M. Carlton Bros. & Co. Clothiers, Blakeney Dry Good Co., Perry Bros. Drug and Jewelers, White Drug Store, Higgenbotham Bros. & Co., R.E. Cox Dry Goods and Stephenville Tribune.

I listed all of these names and businesses thinking that perhaps some of the readers would know some of these people and want to see the annual. It will be at the Gordon Library. I found it very interesting!


A correction to a recent article about Rhonda Patterson: I stated that she was the only one out of 23 who finished the EMS course. I got a call from Rhonda telling me that I had “goofed” (my words). Ten people completed the course and she was the only one from our immediate area to finish. Congratulations to all 10!