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May 4, 2014

Seibert: Reflections on our hospital

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I can never find enough good words to say about Palo Pinto General Hospital, and I am always amazed at local people who don’t use our hospital and our medical professionals.

The medical people and places in Mineral Wells and Palo Pinto County are some of the best kept secrets of our area – and we don’t need to keep them a secret! I sincerely hope if you are new to the area and have not been to a doctor here, when you need one you will go here first!

We have all sorts of specialists here from dermatologists and OB/GYNs to heart and circulation specialists, neurologists and podiatrists. We have surgeons, orthopedists and family doctors. So, please, try our local people. There’s no need to drive to Wichita Falls, Weatherford or Fort Worth.

When I am talking to someone who lives here, who may have lived here all their lives, and they say they don’t go to doctors or the hospital here, I usually just stand there with my mouth wide open. There simply isn’t a better place if you have to be sick!

Case in point. Last Sunday Raf was acting a lay reader and eucharistic minister at St. Luke’s. One of his jobs was to read the “prayers of the people,” and he started out with a strong voice, but toward the end of the prayers he became confused and his voice got softer and softer. Following the prayers, as is our custom, we passed the peace, and a local nurse who goes to our church turned to me and asked if he was OK. I told her I didn’t know, but I got up to go get him some water.

By the time I got through our parish hall and to the back of the church, she and another church member had him out of the church and out of his vestments. He was sweating profusely, and it was a cold sweat, even though the church had been quite hot. He was also quite dizzy.

They got him a glass of sweet tea, and the nurse told me to get the car and take him to the emergency room.

Again, by the time I had the car ready, they had him out of the church and ready.

I got him to the hospital, and in a matter of less than two minutes of our arrival, he was in the emergency room being checked out by one of the nurses.

Everyone at the hospital was exceptional. He saw X-ray people, lab people, nurses and the emergency room doctor. They were efficient, friendly, helpful and never stopped working. There must have been at least 15 patients in the emergency room when we got there, and more were coming in when we left. I was amazed at the courtesy and professionalism when they were literally run off their feet!

Both Raf and I have had surgeries at Palo Pinto General Hospital, using local doctors, and we have never, ever been disappointed or upset. I know there are rare occasions when things don’t happen right, through human error, but, hey, that happens in the biggest, most uptown hospitals in the world!

So, I encourage you to use our medical professionals here in the county. They really are the best!