Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

March 25, 2013

Reflections on Neighborhood Watch and Solicitations

Mineral Wells Index

— By Sue Seibert

A couple of things happened that encouraged me to write this particular column. First of all, our neighborhood formed a Neighborhood Watch group. This is being encouraged by Chief of Police Dean Sullivan and supported by the Mineral Wells Police Department. As we have had one home invasion in our neighborhood (burglars broke in while the neighbors were asleep in bed), we really want to watch out for each other!

Also in our neighborhood, we have always had a rash of solicitors. They come in many sizes and types, from those wanting to paint numbers on the side of the curb to those wanting to trim trees, pave drives, sell suspicious meat, or for something that is just plain not understandable.

Over Spring Break we had one of the latter variety.  There was a knock on our door. We knew it was no one we know, because even the UPS man understands about our antique door bell. Raf went to the door, and there stood two young women, probably in their early 20s. They proceeded to explain that they were, or might have been, college students who needed to “meet” x-number of people over Spring Break to win a trip to Hawaii. Raf never understood what they were selling, though they tried to give him something several times. Finally he just shut the door.

About 20 minutes later I drove to the Post Office, and on the way I spotted two young women with a man of about 65. He was in a pickup truck, with the door partly open, and they were talking to him.  He was parked almost in the middle of the street. 

When I came back they were still there. I circled them once, then went home and called the police dispatcher...not 911. 

As soon as the description of the girls was out of my mouth, and I told her we were part of Neighborhood Watch, the dispatcher said others in our neighborhood had also called, and the police had just arrived to talk to the women.

I am so glad all of us are watching out for each other and refusing to be conned by such people.  I urge everyone reading this to check who is at your door before you open it. Do not allow strangers in your home, and, for heaven’s sake, don’t give them any of your vital information!

Our town is a nice quiet town, and we do not want outsiders coming here to con us out of our hard earned cash!

On a slightly different note, while I accept the fire departments and other locals asking for money at some of the traffic lights downtown, I do not like to be accosted by out-of-towners begging for money at the same lights, even if they have a solicitation permit.

Let’s invest in our town, our county, not in Dallas or Tarrant County, or whatever. Let’s buy locally and donate locally whenever possible.

I urge you to call the Mineral Wells Police Department and ask how you can form a Neighborhood Watch. And, if you would like, check out my blog at siouxsue.blogspot.com.