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January 21, 2014

Five MWHS girls to attend 2014 Bluebonnet Girls State

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Many believe that investing in youth is investing in the future. One major organization that believes and supports this notion is the American Legion Auxiliary.

Together with the American Legion, ALA began working more than 60 years ago to equip youth, particularly girls, with an understanding of just what it means to be an American citizen through Bluebonnet Girls State.

According to an ALA press release from Farris Anderson Unit 75, Diann Daniel, Girls State Chair, said, "[Bluebonnet Girls State] inculcates a sense of leadership, citizenship and patriotism in the attendees while providing a better understanding of the operations of all levels of government."

The history of the event is rich, and filled with many powerful contributions from all sorts of people, media and sponsors of the event. However, according to BGS, Frances Goff, who began working with Girls State in 1947, was one of the biggest contributers to the program, giving it shape from 1952 to 1994.

Starting with 94 girls, the program has surpassed 500 attendants each year and hopes to continue to grow and progress.

The 2014 Bluebonnet Girls State session is slated for June 15 through June 21 at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin and Mineral Wells will be taking part.

"With the assistance of our financial partners, we were able to send five Mineral Wells High School girls to the 2014 Bluebonnet Girls State," Daniel said.

The goals of this event, according to BGS, are to:

• educate youth in the duties, privileges and responsibilities of American citizenship,

• give youth a chance to learn about the problems faced by government by having them perform duties of real office holders

• inform youth of the rights and privileges of American citizenship

• instill a deep sense of the personal responsibilities and obligations that citizenship entails

"This is a splendid occasion to make some of our future leaders more aware of their opportunities and responsibilities" Daniel said.

Beyond learning practical skills and knowledge from working hands on, attendees will also have the opportunity to learn from some experienced politicians and governmental workers.

In sessions past, attendants have had the opportunity to hear from George W. Bush, George Bush, Lyndon B. Johnson, Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, Barbara Jordan, Ann W. Richards, Carole Keeton Strayhorn, Bea Ann Smith and many others.

For more information on BGS, consult www.alatexas.org, or www.girls-state.org/wordpress.