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May 4, 2009

Letters to the Editor: May 3, 2009

The readers write and e-mail

They came to our ‘Field of Dreams’

Dear Editor,

“Field of Dreams” is one of my favorite movies. In the film’s most memorable scene, mythical writer Terrence Mann explains why “people will come” to baseball’s field of dreams. He says that they will walk out to find that they have reserved seats where they sat as children … “And they’ll watch the game and it’ll be as if they dipped themselves in magic waters. The memories will be so thick they’ll have to brush them away from their faces,” he said.

In the spring of 2007 and again this year, my wife and I were privileged to work with “Palo Pinto County on Tour,” both times at “Lover’s Retreat.” Aside from the beauty of the place, I am absolutely convinced that “Lover’s Retreat” is our “Field of Dreams.” Most of those who came shared a memory, a personal story, a dream fulfilled of coming back to a place they enjoyed. Some came just to gaze in silence and remember. No doubt, the memories were so thick that they had to “brush them away from their faces.”

No one took a dip in the waters of Eagle Creek while we were there, but each time the wind stirred up a ripple you could almost hear the splash of someone dropping into the water after letting go of the old swinging rope for the first time. From what we heard, the water does possess powers, not just to cool and refresh, also to baptize and uplift. And though no one walked across the creek on the suspension bridge, the occasional shadows of the clouds seemed to scarcely hide the presence of young ladies in white hats and summer dresses posing for pictures. Was the sound we heard from time to time the wind in the trees or was it an “old-timer’s” fiddle and bow? Or maybe the laughter of children playing tag after a picnic. What a day!

The real purpose of this letter is to say “thank you” to all of those who made “Palo Pinto County on Tour” a huge success this year. Palo Pinto County has a rich and colorful history. I am so grateful that so many people are realizing how much fun it is to celebrate it. And somehow, I think those who have gone before us are cheering, too. People did come to our “field of dreams” and they will come again.

Mike A. Smiddy, Palo Pinto County Judge

Dear Editor,

Seeing the picture of the Schneider/Shewmake family standing proudly with the sign designating the Patsy Schneider baseball/softball complex at West City Park brought back strong memories of Patsy and the times we little leagued together.

Patsy was still Patsy when the little league board, some 10 years ago or better decided to ask the city council to name the complex after her, not last year. That board, most of us in our third or fourth years, as best I recall, consisted of Moss Dickerson, Rhonda Schroeder, Billie Tam, Sheree Patterson, myself, and Mrs. Schneider, and others I can't recall at this minute.

Patsy was a giant in Mineral Wells when it came to giving back to her town. A fundraiser without equal, few could turn her down. Her extended illness kept her from us who loved and appreciated her, and her recent passing caused sadness to all who know her.

Her service to the Mineral Wells Little League was one of her great joys, and, I am so glad we were able to honor her while she was still with us. She would be so happy with the restoration of her sign.


Michael Ward, Mineral Wells