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February 5, 2014

Perrin alum published; Becky Acuff authors ‘The Peanut Pond’

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PERRIN – One local woman can now check “getting published” off of her bucket list.

Becky Acuff – a 1989 graduate of Perrin-Whitt High School – was in her alma mater’s library, Friday afternoon, to speak to fifth and sixth graders and sign copies of her first book: The Peanut Pond.

“I’ve been writing short stories and poetry ever since I was a little girl,” Acuff said. “The idea just came to me and I just went with it.”

The Peanut Pond is the story of the magical adventure of two 12-year-old twins in the small Palo Pinto County town of Oran, where Acuff grew up.

Acuff said the book is intended for ages 10 and older, but that it also contains “a lot of adult humor.” Tate Publishing, who picked up Acuff’s 292-page piece, describes the story on their website:

“In a small Texas town, a mystery is bubbling just beneath the surface of a local pond. When twins Lindy and Max realized they are having the same dream, they knew they needed to go in search of what is underneath The Peanut Pond.

“They strike out on an unimaginable journey that takes them to a world where they encounter creatures and mystical beings filled with wonder, beauty, and horror.

“What lies beneath The Peanut Pond contains all the answers Lindy and Max have been asking themselves about their abilities and weaknesses, but are they ready for the challenge?

“Excitement and danger are at every turn along their journey, but what they gain and accomplish along the way will change them forever.”

Acuff said her book has been well-received by all who have read it, especially the younger generation.

“They, first of all, think it’s funny,” she said. “There’s a lot of humor in there.

“But it just takes them on a journey. It carries them into a different world.”

Although the story is set in Oran, Acuff said Mineral Wells is also mentioned in the book. With such strong ties to Northern Palo Pinto County, it only made sense that Acuff debut her novel at her alma mater in Perrin, just about 15 miles from the place that inspired the story.

“This is where I grew up,” she said. “So, it was important for this to be my first book signing.”

The Peanut Pond is now on sale on Amazon and on the Tate Publishing website for $21.99.

Acuff said a portion of the profits will be donated to the Sam Samaneigo Scholarship Fund – named in honor of one of Acuff’s Perrin-Whitt classmates who died in a car accident sophomore year.

If you missed Acuff’s book signing, not to worry. She said she has other book signings in the works and is trying to schedule one at the Boyce Ditto Public Library in Mineral Wells.

She added that if anyone orders the book from her, she can mail them a signed copy directly.  For more information about The Peanut Pond or to order a signed copy, contact Acuff at 817-243-5180 or via email at bdacuff@yahoo.com.