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August 19, 2013

A Triumphant display of giving

Millsap community donates to safehouse for human-trafficking victims

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MILLSAP – Thanks to the people of Millsap and all over the surrounding area, Triumph House – an upcoming safehouse and rehabilitation center for victims of human trafficking in Central Texas – is one step closer to opening its doors.

Area volunteer coordinator for Traffick 911 and member of Millsap First Baptist Church Mary Elliott, with the help of deacons’ wives from her congregation, organized a housewarming for Triumph House Saturday, Aug. 10, at the Millsap Community Center with great results. Although she does not know the exact number of donations received, Elliott said she thought the event was a “great success.”

“Our table was just overflowing with gifts,” she said. “There was quite a bit that people financially donated as well. The community was well represented; we had people from all different areas.”

In addition to receiving donations, Elliott answered questions about Traffick 911 – the faith-based, anti-sex-slavery organization establishing Triumph House – and the safehouse. She also shared stories with the group about human sex trafficking and how parents can protect their children from being forced into it.

One deacon’s wife, Pam Clary, said she was totally unaware of such sex slavery in the United States until the director of Traffick 911 spoke at the church. Since then, she has had a strong desire to be involved in Traffick 911’s crusade.

“We just kind of all fell into it,” she said. “It pulled on our heartstrings so much that this was an area that needed attention, help and direction. It’s very important for people to be aware of what’s going on right here in Parker County.”

Clary said last week’s housewarming was the first such community event that they had hosted for Traffick 911.

“It’s worked out really well today,” she said at the event. “People are coming in saying they’ve read our flyers and they come in with questions. They wanted a lot more information about the whole program.”

Traffick 911’s website, Traffick911.com, has more information about the organization and Triumph House, including a list of items the safehouse will need to obtain to get on its feet. Those interested in donating can use Triumph House’s registries with Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond as a resource for buying much-needed items as well.

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