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April 30, 2014

Where he is needed

Boya has practiced 30 years in the city he calls home

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Every kid has dreams of what they want to be when they grow up. Subrahman R. Boyareddigari, MD, S.R. Boya for short, is a local physician who works with Palo Pinto General Hospital, and specializes in gastroenterology and internal medicine.

As complicated as his specialties sound, his journey into the medical field was born out of a desire he has held since childhood.

“My grandmother had a tremendous influence on me,” Boya said. “She always thought I would be a doctor for some reason,” he continued with laughter. “She planted the seed.”

In India, families desire their children to join the ranks of doctors and other fields requiring high levels of education, Boya said. His family was no exception. For as long as he can remember, his family stood behind his educational training, and Boya put forth a tremendous effort to better himself, which paid off.

Boya ended up doing very well in school, rising to the top tier in education. As a result, his childhood dream would become a reality because his rankings allowed him to pursue the medical field.

After completing his preliminary medical training in 1976 in India, Boya came to the states to gain a specialty.

“In India, being a democratic country, we are well tuned into what is happening in [the United States],” Boya said. “It always fascinated me, the advancement in the medical field, so I wanted to be apart of it.”

Although many may venture to the states alone, Boya had an uncle who was already living here, making his decision to come to the states easier.

If five years for his basics weren’t already enough, Boya ended up studying seven more years before practicing. In 1984, he completed his schooling. In all, he has a combination of 14 degrees and certifications.

The apple apparently doesn’t fall far from the tree, as this drive to excel seems to be contagious in his family. He has two children. One of them is also a physician who works in a Houston based Emergency Room. His second son? An attorney – Boya chuckled a bit when mentioning this (OK, sometimes the apple falls far from the tree). He went on to discuss how successful his son was pursuing real estate law in Houston as well.

Once his education was finished, Boya began his search for where he wanted to practice, ending in Mineral Wells.

Boya’s first reason for landing in Mineral Wells was out of a desire to raise his family in a smaller town that was in proximity to a larger city so he could have the best of both worlds.

Second, he knew a few local physicians.

“I knew a couple of local physicians, like Doctor Reddy,” Boya said. “Even when I was in India, I knew about Mineral Wells because [the Reddys] are family friends.”

J.P. Reddy, MD, one of the longest practicing physicians in the area, challenged Boya to strongly consider Mineral Wells. So, Boya took the trip and began to fall in love.

His third desire, which cemented his love for Mineral Wells, was to be in a place where he would be needed.

“I wanted to be at a place where I am absolutely needed,” Boya said. “Say if I am in Fort Worth, there are 10 gastroenterologists. But here, I am the only one. I am needed. … So everything fit.”

Come August, Boya will have been with Mineral Wells for 30 years and doesn’t see himself anywhere else.

One of his proudest accomplishments is his continual war against cancer.

“Mainly, gastroenterology is prevention,” Boya said. “[Colon cancer] is very common. Every year I find several cancers, which otherwise would not have been diagnosed. Anybody over the age of 50 needs to have colonoscopies done. That is where I come in. The most important part of my medical practice is diagnosing colon cancer through screening.”

The human body is very diverse, and each part serves a special purpose. Much the same, the medical field is very diverse, and each part serves a special purpose, and Boya loves everything about his special calling to the city he calls home.