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October 28, 2012

PET OF THE WEEK: ‘Annie’ feeling blue without a home

Mineral Wells Index

— “Annie” is a friendly, playful older female blue heeler that looks like she has frosting. Her undercoat is mostly “blue” (black) and white with reddish-tan on her legs and face. A large black spot accentuates the top of her head.

She is housebroken, friendly with other dogs and knows a few commands, like “sit.” She is affectionate and quickly forms a strong attachment to the humans around her.

Heelers originated in Queensland, Australia, in the 1840s when wild dingoes were bred with blue merle collies and other herding dogs. Highly regarded for their toughness and work ethic, the resulting dogs quickly became popular as cattle herders, boldly nipping at the heels of cattle.

Heelers are attentive, cautious and wary and make excellent family watchdogs. Though they may look tough, heelers are usually friendly and loving companions that need compassionate, positive feedback and treatment. Annie loves to play fetch and needs plenty of moderate exercise, including daily walks.  Her new owners would ideally have a large, secure fenced-in yard, where she can run and enjoy the sun.

To adopt Annie or one of the many dogs or cats at the Mineral Wells Animal Shelter, call (940) 328-7752 or come by the shelter, located at 101 FM 2256. Her adoption fee includes spaying and a rabies shot.