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November 18, 2012

PET OF THE WEEK: Great Pyrenees would make great family addition

Mineral Wells Index

— Snowball is a big, friendly, fluffy female Great Pyrenees. Her undercoat is mostly “blue” (black) and white with reddish-tan on her legs and face. A large black spot accentuates the top of her head.

This breed takes its name from the mountain range in southwestern Europe, where the dogs are used to guard flocks on the steep slopes.

Despite its regal and majestic appearance, the Great Pyrenees is a keen worker, faithfully guarding his flocks no matter the weather or terrain.

Snowball would likely make a great guard dog, since shelter staff say she barks at the city workers who pass by during the day.

Snowball is approximately 5 years old. She was dumped overnight at the shelter with a male Rottweiler mix. The shelter staff report no problems with her and she is a laid-back dog that gets along with the other dogs. She also shakes her paw when asked.

She is an outside dog and would need a good, secure fence since this breed is known to roam, which  includes crossing roads and highways where they can get killed or injured.

The breed possesses a beautifully thick, weather resistant white coat. Snowball’s coat has hints of beige  markings. She would need weekly brushing to keep her coat clean of debris and excess hair and mats.

It is possible she is spayed. If so, her adoption fee would be reduced to $21, which includes a rabies shot; if not, her adoption would include the cost of spying a large dog.

To adopt Snowball or one of the many dogs or cats at the Mineral Wells Animal Shelter, call (940) 328-7752 or come by the shelter, located at 101 FM Road 2256.