A vehicle stolen from a residence was later recovered running in the middle of the roadway – within the span of a few hours.

According to police reports, a 1993 blue Chevrolet Lumina was reported stolen from a home in the 1100 block of S.E. 18th Street. The owner reported that she went inside her residence at 6:45 p.m., stepping back outside 10 minutes later to discover her vehicle gone.

She reportedly left her keys in the ignition as well as her purse and clothing, among other things, were inside the vehicle.

The police log reported that the vehicle was recovered in the 800 block of S.E. 1st Avenue at 8:19 p.m. According to officials, the vehicle was in the roadway with the engine running but no one inside. The car reportedly appeared to have been wrecked but was returned to the owner.

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