Tomlin family

Pastor Jerrel Tomlin and his wife, Melinda, are pictured with their sons, Jerry and Taylor and their families, during last Sunday’s ceremony marking the Tomlin’s 20th anniversary as pastor of Mineral Wells Church of God.


Last Sunday, members of Mineral Wells Church of God, along with other special guests including Mayor Mike Allen and City Councilman John Upham, celebrated Jerrel Tomlin’s 20th year as the church’s pastor.

“Twenty years! Twenty years!” Tomlin exclaimed. “It’s hard for me to comprehend that it has been two decades that Melinda and I have had the privilege to pastor the Mineral Wells Church of God. They are the finest group of Christian people I have ever known. We feel equally blessed to call Mineral Wells home for this span of time.”

He said when he and his wife came to Mineral Wells, their son, Jerry, was in seventh grade and their youngest son, Taylor, was in third grade. They are now 32 and 28 years old, respectively.

He said even though their sons were born in Weatherford, when asked where they are from they proudly say, “Mineral Wells!”

Melinda and Jerrel Tomlin

Melinda and Jerrel Tomlin at the 20th anniversary celebration of Tomlin becoming pastor of Mineral Wells Church of God.

“It has been an honor to watch them grow up in a place with some of the kindest and most generous people to be found on the’ planet,” Tomlin said. “I want to express my thanks to this city for allowing us to serve a great church and to be a part of this GREAT city! I know that I’ve been accepted because, at the present time, there are a few thousand people in Mineral Wells who call me ‘Pastor T.’ I consider that a cherished title.”

He said his Church of God ministerial peers aren’t that surprised he and his family have stayed so long in a town with the slogan, “Keep Mineral Wells Crazy!” He said he prefers the town new slogan, “Where Texas Runs Deep!”

Along with his leadership of the congregation, Tomlin was recently appointed to represent Ward 1 on Mineral Wells City Council.

“We felt like the pastoral assignment was a good fit and that we had come to a place that we would proudly call home for a while,” Tomlin said. “I announced to the church a few months in that, not only had I been assigned to pastor the church, but I believed God had called me to a city.”

He said he looks forward to more years of service to the church and on city council.

“My desire remains the same as in the beginning to, with God’s help, make a positive difference in Mineral Wells,” he said. “Also, thanks for reading my weekly column, ‘The Shepherd’s Heart,’ for over 12 years now. By any standard, I am blessed beyond measure. I have nothing in my heart but thanksgiving to God, my family (especially Melinda), my Mineral Wells Church of God family, and the people of the Mineral Wells for all the kindness I have received over the last 20 years. Melinda and I want to bless anyone and everyone we can in return for the blessings we have continually received from all of you! We love You all and God bless.”

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