Robbie Pierson

Robbie Pierson served as both hostess and lesson leader for the recent Mineral Wells Wednesday Bible Study Club at First United Methodist Church. 


The Mineral Wells Wednesday Bible Study Club met recently at First United Methodist Church of Mineral Wells. Robbie Pierson served as both lesson leader and hostess.

Robbie continued the club’s study of Apostle Paul’s letters found in the book of First Corinthians. In Chapter 9, Paul writes to the people who were asking if he was really an apostle and if he should be given anything for his work.

He answered them by saying he had really seen Jesus Christ and had dedicated his life to bring others to Christianity. He asked them if they are followers of Christ because of his work. He said that he preaches free of charge and does not expect other people to feed him or provide other rewards. He believed that the Lord would provide for him.

Paul liked to be free and not belong to anyone. But, he had made himself a slave to everyone to win them to God. He had tried to become all things to all people so that by all possible means he might save them. He does this for the sake of the gossip and share in the blessings provided by God.

The Lord has an order that those who preach the Good News should be supported by those who benefit, but Paul would not ask for those things. He said that he would rather die than lose his right to spread God’s Word. Spreading God’s Word was his purpose in life and did not want to ask for pay for doing it. 

Paul compares his work to a race of runners. They all run in the race, but only one will win the first place prize. The runners all train hard in the hopes of winning. But, being champion only last for a short while. The victory will soon fade away. 

Paul said he preaches to convert others and that they will have the grand prize forever. He didn’t want others to feel they had to support him, but he felt he had the right to eat, too. If he planted the spiritual seeds in people, he felt it was only right that he should also reap the harvest of God’s blessings.

Paul and his friend, Barnabas, did not ask for things for bringing the word of God to them. They put up with much rather then not be able to spread the gospel. The Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel.

He goes on to say, he didn’t write this letter in hopes that the people would do things for him. He preached because he loved the Lord and was compelled to spread his word in hopes of saving others. He wanted them to know the wonderful love of Christ and God’s forever kingdom.

The Bible Study Group concluded its year of studies on May 24 wth a luncheon and fellowship at First Christian Church. Judy Gaylor was hostess for the meeting. The club will continue its meetings in September.

Everyone have a safe and wonderful summer! Be thankful of all your blessings and go to the Lord in your time of need. His love is always there and will help you through those troubling times. God bless you and your family and friends!

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