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Dear Editor,

The present city council budget process has to be the most irresponsible city council process of approving the city budget in my 30 plus years of living in Mineral Wells. In the end, the city staff had to redo the budget during a recess of the city council.

Councilman (Clif) Wright, you made the statement that because all council members ran unopposed at the last election that the citizens of Mineral Wells agreed with your philosophy. If you truly believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I will sale you cheap.

I am real concerned that there are members of the city council who have a personal conflict with city consultancies, and their vote is based on that conflict, rather than what is best for the city.

Finally, to the mayor pro tem, you stated that the citizens already had the opportunity to express their views about the budget and denied a request for citizens input. Based on the actions of the city council, The City of Mineral Wells budget process started again on Tuesday, and thank goodness it ended on Tuesday.

Charles Thompson, Mineral Wells

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