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August 13, 2012

Letters to the Editor - August 12, 2012

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Random act of kindness

Dear Editor,

It seems that so much of the news we read or hear or see is of the tragic side of life around us and overshadows much of the good and heartwarming things people do for others in the community. Thus, I would like to share with the readers a really nice story my Marine son recently shared from the local community.

Micah finished his term with the Marines in December and subsequently volunteered for the Texas State Guard. The Texas State Guard is a volunteer organization of the State of Texas comprised mostly, but not all, of people from all branches of the U.S. military.

They drill one weekend a month and for one week during the summer. Their mission is to be ready to deploy in the event of a natural disaster in Texas and, potentially, surrounding states, providing support to the local government response teams and a certain level of security. As I said, their training time is volunteer and they provide their own gear.

Last weekend, after a morning of drills and training, Micah and members of the QRT squad (about 12 men) he is training with at the National Guard Amory in Mineral Wells went to Mesquite Pit for lunch. They had just sat down and were preparing to order when a young girl, about 10 years old, approached the table and told the colonel she wanted to buy their lunch. She then presented the colonel with a gift certificate for $250. According to Micah, his table was kind of dumbfounded by the offer and the generosity. But the colonel took over expressing their gratitude to the girl and her family, pictures were exchanged, and the family left while they ordered their lunch.

According to Micah, the family looked very “average,” like any other family you might observe eating at Mesquite Pit – husband and wife early to mid 30s with two children. But they made an extraordinary impression on a small group of men who volunteer their time to serve their communities. I’m sure this little average family prefers to remain anonymous but they made a very above average impression on that group of soldiers.

On behalf of Micah and the other men at that table, as well as me and the many others of us who also appreciate the willingness men and women like Micah’ squad to serve our communities, we all say “thank you” to that little family, their thoughtfulness and their generosity.

Patrick Hurd


Conservative conspiracy

Dear Editor,

Many believe that voting in Texas has been severely corrupted for years through electronic voting machines and now voter suppression.

I really question the recent election of Ted Cruz, a Tea Party con artist, who wants to end the “Affordable Healthcare Law,” privatize Social Security and destroy Medicaid and social safety nets that make America a real compassionate and great country.

Ever since January 2000, after the right wing Supreme Court stopped the vote count in Florida between Al Gore and George W. Bush and gave the presidency to the latter Republican candidate, this perhaps is one of the worst decisions in the history of the American ideal we once had.

Voter suppression, which is pushed by several Republican governors, including Texas, probably would have never happened if Al Gore had been elected president, in which he had the majority of all the votes. Now, voter ID suppression against people of color, Hispanics, the elderly, poor and the disabled are being singled out by the Justice Department in Washington. Two right wing officials have now admitted in public that this is the goal for defeating President Obama in the November 2012 election. These states are in violation of the 1964 Voting Rights Act.

With all the corruption and greed in power through out government we have now, sometimes I think, I would like to live in some other far away country.

Darwin Yeary


Push for the Fair Tax

Dear Editor,

Fellow Americans, there’s been a proposal before Congress for over a decade that would put America on track to a swift and permanent economic recovery. Congress won’t pass it unless we demand it. Its adoption would drastically reduce elected politicians’ power and control over U.S. citizens.

It’s called the Fair Tax. Adoption of the Fair Tax would:

• Do away with the IRS.

• Put American businesses on a level playing field with their global competition.

• Ensure those living below the poverty level pay no taxes.

• Bring both capital and jobs back to America.

• Ensure everyone pays their fair share including tourists and those in the country illegally.

• Result in an economic boom.

From page 106 of The Fair Tax Book: “Economists estimate that in the first year after the Fair Tax Act becomes law, the economy will grow 10.5 percent. Exports will grow by 26 percent. Capital spending will increase by more than 70 percent.”

Every candidate running for congressional office must be asked about their support of the Fair Tax at every opportunity – town hall meetings, public appearances and every debate. Read the book, push hard and the Fair Tax could be adopted soon.

Glen Terrell

Arlington, Texas


More push for the Fair Tax

Dear Editor,

This country is broke. The national debt is growing so fast it will take a miracle for us to survive … or will it?

While our Congress and the Obama Administration seem to have no answers when it comes to solving our financial woes, the real solution is pending in Congress. The Fair Tax has been pending for several years and has been ignored by Congress. Why should they pass something that would take away their ability to buy votes in a big way (the federal income tax).

The Fair Tax will replace the income tax. Support is growing for the fair tax. More and more taxpayers are finding out how it will do away with the IRS and give each individual their full paycheck with no deducts from their paycheck for Uncle Sam ever again. At the same time, those living below the poverty level will pay no taxes at all.

The leaders in Congress continues to ignore this solution to the financial mess this country is in. It will take a large grassroots effort to get it enacted. Imagine what will happen to the economy when every worker in this country received his/her full paycheck without any deduction for income or payroll taxes. Think how great it will be never to have to keep records or report anything to the IRS. What you do with your money will be NONE of their business.

More information is available at fairtax.org.

Roy T. Newsom

Granbury, Texas