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June 25, 2012

Letters to the Editor

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Student's charity an inspiration

Dear Editor,

Cheeers to Gabriana Lazo!

Gabriana’s idea (“Student challenges her peers ‘to give,’” published June 14) was not only compassionate – it was brilliant. Gabriana, I am so proud of you, you have set an example that we hope will catch on, not only in Mineral Wells but on all the states where the Hispanic population carries out the Quinceanera tradition. Let’s try to promote your innovation locally and, if possible, nationally.

Quinceaneras are a big party (almost like a wedding) to celebrate a young girl becoming a young woman. Generally the community of relatives and friends are an intrinsic part of this elaborate celebration that is observed with more frequency in this country than in Mexico. The religious aspect of it involves a mass, the attire is formal long fancy dresses, the Quinceanera herself wears a white dress, the other 14 girls wear the quinceanera’s color of choice, and their escorts generally wear a tux. The Quinceanera receives an abundance of gifts, not only from her sponsors (food, jewelry, music, etc.) but all in attendance.

Gabriana chose to forsake the gifts for a noble cause – aid to the needy. The poor are among us and their need is great. Non-perishables, school supplies, clothing, or a small contribution of money as she elected to do became a $200 contribution to the Palo Pinto County Humane Society, which she chose to select because of her love for animals.

Gabriana, a good dead, no matter how small, will never go unnoticed. Thank you for your inspiration.

Genevieve Baeza-Rodriguez

Mineral Wells

Councilman’s remarks troubles reader

Dear Editor,

City council member Thomas Lively, what were you thinking when you made the statement at Tuesday City Council meeting that the only way the difference of views concerning noise level could be settled was by one side filing a civil law suit? Unfortunately, based on what you said, it doesn’t appear that you were thinking.

Chief Dean Sullivan has been working since he assumed the duties of Mineral Wells Police Chief to develop an enforceable city noise ordinance while at the same time trying to work with both sides to solve the problem and you told the two sides to hell with all the work the chief has been trying to do, just go out and file a lawsuit.

It will appears obvious to most individuals that any good lawyer and as far as that is concerned any bad lawyer would name the City of Mineral Wells a party to any lawsuit that they file, because it is the city responsibly to have an enforceable noise ordinance and here council member Lively, you said file a lawsuit.

Charles Thompson

Mineral Wells