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November 25, 2013

Letters to the Editor - Nov. 24, 2013

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Remember the Day

Dear Editor,

There are milestones in our lives by which we record eras in our existence: Pearl Harbor, V-J Day, the first man on the moon, September 11th. We compare other dates to these important dates in current events. One of those events happened 50 years ago this week, the assassination of President Kennedy.

We were stunned. We mourned the loss of a handsome, young president during a time of peace. Americans, by and large, identified with him. His family was in many ways our family, only with the spotlight of the world constantly upon them. We were hurt. We were shocked. We were angry. We shall always remember that day.

We were all touched with the incredibly sad, but cute image that we saw on our black and white television sets when 3-year-old John F. Kennedy Jr. saluted as the Commander in Chief (his daddy) rode by in his flag-covered casket. How adorable young John was, but how sad to know that he would see his father no more.  

As American citizens, we mourned our loss together. May God give us days when we can all rejoice together.

Yours for a happier day,

Dan Manka

Thanks for giving hope

Dear Editor,

For life’s most difficult journeys, there’s no overstating the important role that friends and loved ones play in helping you make it through. This is especially true for cancer patients. That’s why, as Thanksgiving approaches, we urge you to take time to recognize and thank those who are helping patients with emotional, physical, and financial support. And most of all, giving them hope.  

Everything we do to encourage cancer patients strengthens them, and helps them see past the immediate challenges to a future beyond treatment – one that can be filled with life’s big and joyful events, as well as smaller precious moments: a daughter’s wedding, running a marathon, a grandson’s graduation, joining a community choir, seeing a nephew’s first steps.

To those who inspire our patients to be strong in their fight against cancer, we thank you for giving hope, and we invite you to share personal words of encouragement and support for cancer patients at www.facebook.com/TexasOncology.

David D’Spain, D.O.

Texas Oncology, Granbury