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June 18, 2012

Letters to the Editor

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Barbara Upham commended as GOP party chair

Dear Editor,

Barbara Upham is a quality example of what a party chairperson should be. She has integrity, is impartial beyond reproach and is a tireless worker in a thankless position. She deserves to be commended for standing up for the rules of the party.

The only thing I have witnessed in the exercise of her duties is extreme dedication. This should be a part of all of our commitment to what we do.

Clarence Holliman

Mineral Wells

More to do than read the Texas Elections Code

Dear Editor,

Concerning the Letter to the Editor from Mr. Charles Thompson (June 10, “Nothing unusual about party chair’s actions”:

Yes, Mr. Thompson, I have been too busy to read the Texas Election Code. It was an assumption on your part, but I’ll admit it. I have read hundreds of books, articles, etc. and I love to read. I have read the constitution many times and I love to read the Holy Bible. I find they are both excellent references.

I am 82 years old and I have 24/7 care of my 85-year-old husband. He has dementia, diabetes and an Ileostomy which requires lots of care. You can read about all of those conditions in a healthcare book.

I do all of my own house work, cooking, laundry, bookkeeping, and still do some yard work. I still make time to check on friends and neighbors who are in need and I spend a good deal of time praying for myself – yes, I can be selfish that way. Sometimes after a very long day or night I have to pray for added strength and patience. Sometimes I lose both but God, my precious family and loving friends get me back on track. I appreciate and love them all.

My best to you and your loved ones Mr. Thompson. May you always have time to “stop and smell the roses” and read the Texas Election Code. I’m sure it’s fascinating.


Louise Blackerby

Mineral Well