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May 25, 2014

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Legion invites public to Memorial Day program

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Legion invites public to Memorial Day program

Dear Editor,

Memorial Day is the day Americans set aside to honor those brave men and women who met tragic ends during times of war. We must use this day to honor their sacrifices, to pray for their families, and to bow our heads in recognition of their service. We must never forget.

You have seen their faces, heard their names  and maybe even heard their voices – those who gave the ultimate sacrifice during all wars. This Memorial Day, American Legion Auxiliary Unit Ferris Anderson No. 75 members would like to invite residents to join us in remembrance of our nation’s fallen heroes at 11 a.m. Monday at Woodland Park Cemetery.

The American Legion Auxiliary is the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization, with nearly 800,000 members and 9,000 units in communities across the nation. The American Legion Auxiliary serves nearly 1 million veterans every year. Right here in Mineral Wells, we continue to help mitigate the challenges our veterans face and deliver upon our mission by organizing multiple events throughout the year to support veterans and their families in civilian life.

I invite you to pause today to remember those who have fought for our freedoms.

American Legion Auxiliary members have dedicated themselves for nearly a century to meeting the needs of our nation’s veterans, military and their families both here and abroad. They volunteer millions of hours yearly, with a value of nearly $2 billion.

As part of the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization, auxiliary volunteers across the country also step up to honor veterans and military through annual scholarships and with ALA Girls State programs, teaching high school juniors to be leaders grounded in patriotism and Americanism. To learn more about the Auxiliary’s mission or to volunteer, donate or join, visit www.ALAforVeterans.org.

Ferris Anderson Unit 75, Mineral Wells

There can be more than one tea party candidate

Dear Editor,

In recent weeks we have noticed some members of the media and others in conservative political circles claim that Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s tea party support is not authentic or limited.

We took exception to that because we are authentic tea party activists across the state. We are also conservative workers and volunteers in Republican, 9/12, We The People and Liberty groups; most of which would be considered “tea party” by the media and those who know us. Our friends and family would consider us “tea party” people.

You may not recognize every name, we may not have leadership titles, we may not have a coalition of tea party leaders, but we are no less authentic.

You may not see us walking the halls at the Capitol in Austin, or recognize us when we do visit our elected officials. Our names may or may not appear in the media. We still are valued participants in the conservative movement known as the “tea party.”

We have jobs, own businesses, are stay at home moms or dads, students and retirees. We don’t have the luxury of going to Austin on a regular basis during the legislative session. Some of us have health issues and cannot travel easily. Some of us simply cannot afford multiple trips to our Capitol, but we are paying attention. We are contacting our elected officials, and we are highly engaged in the political process.

When the tea party movement started we didn’t know that to be considered “authentic” we had to have a title, umbrella group or even a tea party in our towns to be considered tea party. We were people who aligned with the tea party principles. We were and still are authentic, grassroots workers from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and affiliations.

Over the course of this campaign we have watched Dan Patrick and some of his supporters claim that he was the only “tea party candidate.”

We believe that a candidate that has even one tea party endorsement and believes in the core principles of the tea party movement (chiefly, limited government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, less taxes, less spending and less government intrusion into our lives) could also be considered “tea party.” Heck, we wish they ALL would! We acknowledge that more than one candidate in a race can be tea party, just as more than one candidate can be pro-life.

We are not a political party, nor are we required to only support candidates that the media, any one group or coalition may deem as the “tea party candidate.” We were and still are free to choose our own candidates to support, endorse and volunteer for in the elections.

The open letter to the media and the general public below was crafted by us and approved by us as individuals. We do not claim to speak for anyone but ourselves.

Thank you,

Toby Marie Walker, Waco, and Stacey McMahan, Upshur County