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February 17, 2014

Letters to the Editor - Feb. 16, 2014

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It’s your county – your vote!

Dear Editor,

Elections for county offices are approaching and you as a resident of Palo Pinto County have a chance to help elect the individual(s) that you feel will best represent your passions to make this county stronger. On Feb. 18, 7 p.m., a “candidate forum” will be available for the public at the Palo Pinto County Courthouse.

Each Candidate will speak to their strengths, why they are pursuing that particular office, and ask for your vote. The Republican Chair will provide questions from you the public to be addressed by each candidate. Arrive early to submit your question(s).

In all small communities some questions are never asked for fear of retribution, whether in forums for elections, council meetings or other public forums. That's unfortunate; however, what's the worst that can happen? You might get a snub at your local grocery store, not be invited to a backyard bar-b-cue or become the topic of conversation where the "good ole' boys and girls" meet.

Stand up for your beliefs and don't worry about what others think. There are a few statements that will be made by some candidates that should throw up a red flag. "I just wanted to see if I could do it," "I'm retired and have nothing else to do,"and the most common, "I think it will be fun.” I personally heard those comments last year. Hopefully the Chair will ask the tough questions submitted. If not, ask them yourself in a one-on-one after the forum ends.

There are records available that speak to a candidate's past if he or she has occupied a county office before. If you have any doubt about a candidate's past or qualifications, find out why he/she left the office they previously held. No candidate should have anything to hide, and if removed from any office in the past, why does that individual believe they have changed and can uphold the honesty and integrity of that office now?

Avoid "small town politics" and the "good ole boys and girls." Stand up and make a difference by voicing your opinion(s) and don't forget to VOTE! You will feel awfully proud of yourself. This is your county, TAXPAYER, and you have a say in everything.  

Jim Vines

Mineral Wells  

Praise for Rep. Keffer

Dear Editor,

To All Registered Voters:

I am writing to request your support for State Rep. Jim Keffer during the March 4th primary. I and my family have personally known Jim and his wife, Leslie, as well as his entire family for over 35 years. This includes his parents, James and Jean Keffer, his brother, Bill, his in-laws, Earl and Billye Bradley, as well as his children, Brad, Chris, and Rob Keffer.

They have been personal friends, church leaders, and respected leaders in the community that I can personally say I endorse totally to lead our district in the same dedicated way he has led since he was elected.

Jim is well respected, leads his family corporation (EBAA IRON), and is well respected by all who have met him. He is a patriot of his country, a leader in his church and community, and loved by all who know him for his love for the state of Texas and his family. He is one I would trust to make any decisions regarding my future and the state of Texas.

During his term he has helped bring about the balanced budget, a $1 billion tax cut, increased funding for public education, 50-year state water plan, upped border security, support for veterans, strengthened gun and private property owners rights, stronger pro-life and pro-families protection, drug testing for unemployment benefits.

I sincerely ask your vote and support of my friend and the state of Texas' friend, Jim Keffer. He will continue to lead those who stand by the values and love of our great state and our entire nation. Thank you for voting for a friend, leader, and patriot of our country.

A friend and dedicated backer of Jim Keffer,

Carolyn White


County Clerk a keeper

Dear Editor,

I want to offer an opinion to the voters of Palo Pinto County concerning the upcoming election for county clerk.  I work in the real estate industry and interact with county clerk offices all over North Texas on a weekly basis.

This gives me an opportunity to compare the service and efficiency of about 20 different County Clerk’s offices.  The average person may only interact with the County Clerk a few times in their entire life. I feel compelled to report to the citizens of Palo Pinto County my unsolicited opinion of your current County Clerk, Janette Green.

In comparison, I feel that the Palo Pinto County Clerk is one of the best offices that I do business with. The service that I get there, without a doubt, rates as some of the best I get from ANY business, much less a government agency where service is not always a priority.  

Some of the clients that I work for have documents that require special attention. It amazes me that Jeanette and her staff always remember and accommodate my needs.  They are always prompt, friendly and most important for me, efficient in the processing of my documents. In my observations while being in the office of the county clerk, I notice that Mrs. Green is a “hands on” leader who takes personal care in all the business conducted there. In most counties that I visit, the county clerk is rarely seen.

The office of County Clerk is a great responsibility. It has many unique aspects and in my opinion is not a position for “on the job” training.  

Janette Green has put together a great staff and I feel is doing an excellent job.  

I would definitely recommend that the voters of Palo Pinto County re-elect Jeanette Green as their County Clerk.


David Stockman