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March 16, 2014

Letters to the Editor – March 16, 2014

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Vote ‘yes’ on Baker


Dear Editor,


NO increase in taxes now with an extremely good possibility of additional tax income for the city and county, or $5 million in your tax dollars having to be spent in the future. That is the choice the citizens of Mineral Wells will have when they go to the polls on May 10.


On May 10 voters in Mineral Wells will be asked to approve transferring 1/8 of a cent city sales taxes that is currently being used to operate the city to a 4a/4b economy, development sales tax. There will be no increase in sales tax.


Voters will not be voting on a $4 million dollar bond.


If a bond is sold by the economy development corporation the city of Mineral Wells will not be liable for the bond. 


To those individuals that asked what kind of control will the city have over the economy development corporation:

(1). The city council appoints the board. 

(2). The board serves at the will of the city council. 

(3). The city council approves all expenditures of the corporation.


To the naysayers who say there have been others who stated that they were going to reopen the Baker Hotel and didn’t, therefore it can’t be done.


These fly-by-night groups came riding into town on a white horse (actually I should say in a 4-door white pickup), without any experience in this type of development, claiming that they were going to open the Baker Hotel, then sat around waiting for the money to remodel to fall from the sky.


This group has spent not only their own money but time to develop this project. In addition this group has had

experience in developing this type of project. This will be the fourth major hotel development of this type that they have done.


If this referendum doesn’t pass and the hotel is not remodeled, in a very few years the City of Mineral Wells will be stuck with a fast deteriorating hotel that will have to be demolished.


I am told by a knowledgeable individual that it would cost the city of Mineral Wells today $5 million to demolish the Baker Hotel. In a few years it would be even more.


To those who say that the owners would be responsible for demolishing the Baker hotel, unfortunately you are wrong. The group that owns the Baker Hotel is a limited liability corporation. Therefore they are only liable for what they have invested in the company.


Even if it was assured that the referendum would pass, which it by no means is, you need to go vote. In addition to approving the transfer of the sale tax the referendum is also designed to tell the government people in Washington that we want the Baker Hotel remodeled. SO GO VOTE!


Charles Thompson

Mineral Wells