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February 5, 2012

Letters to the Editor – Feb. 5, 2012

Mineral Wells Index

The Christmas Potato

Dear Editor,

It is believed that in the latter half of the 20th Century a young man tossed seasonal greetings wrapped around an uncooked potato into yards of houses decorated with Christmas lights. It was his way of saying “thank you” and “Merry Christmas.”

Each Christmas when I set out our lights, I hope to get the supreme recognition – a potato. This past Christmas I had given up receiving a potato. By Christmas Eve when we returned from my parents’ home, there it was in our front yard! It meant more to me than an expensive gift.

My purpose in writing this letter is to thank the nameless, faceless wonderful people who buy the potatoes, print out the messages, put the potatoes in plastic bags and take their time to drive around and deliver them, especially on Christmas Eve.

Thank you, you self-sacrificing people! I appreciate you more than you will ever know. If you need help next year, contact me.

Yester Whitsett, Mineral Wells

Time to turn over Congress

Dear Editor,

I hope you’re sufficiently disgusted with Congress to change it. If so, there may be a significant turnover in its membership this year.

In 2011 there was nothing but partisan politics, bickering, grandstanding and gridlock. I don’t recall a single act of Congress that actually represented what was in the best interests of America or Americans. Most congresspersons should resign in shame.

I’m sure there are a few honorable people in the House of Representatives but their number must be very small. America would be better off replacing all 435 of them than re-electing 85 percent of them.  America and Americans deserve better!

The president is now calling for another $1.2 trillion dollar increase in the national debt. That’s an 8 percent increase in our national debt that already exceeds the GDP! We must elect congresspersons who have the good sense, will and fortitude to say “No!”

Replacing congresspersons is one thing; replacing them with honest, dependable, trustworthy citizen patriots is another. GOOOH (www.goooh.com) is a plan to do just that. A true citizen patriot competing in every district of the U.S. House of Representatives is its goal. Please join the effort.

Glen Terrell, Arlington, Texas

Writer has no reason to question sheriff’s actions

Dear Editor,

Most Sundays, I read the “Letters to the Editor” and think no more about them. A letter published on Jan. 15 got my attention and I have re-read it many times.

I have also read other Index articles and Internet blog entries regarding the vehicle theft that ended in the death of Keith Thompson. Comments from the family of Mr. Thompson reflect sorrow, grief and shock as to why he stole a car and ran from the police. I am sorry he is gone and hope you are comforted by remembrances of your life with him.

Other comments, several from authors claiming to be peace officers with years of experience, were full of venom and suggestions on how the situation should have been handled differently. It is the reactions of these folks that I cannot understand. Have they forgotten the contents of The Texas Penal Code, Chapter 9, or have they other motives for disparaging the sheriff?

Comments such as “4 other jurisdictions did not shoot,” “should have waited,” and “he only stole a car” were posted. “Should have shot the tires, or radiator, or used stop strips” were others. Most have seen pursuits on TV continue after the use of such devices. If I understand correctly, Mr. Thompson stole a vehicle, would not stop for the police, led a car chase that went through parts of four counties and was killed in the sheriff’s attempt to stop the pursuit.

A pursuit is one of the most dangerous situations that peace officers can be involved in. History has shown that the longer one continues, the more dangerous it becomes. This one endangered the lives of hundreds of people. I did not know Keith Thompson nor do I know Sheriff Mercer. But nothing in the way Sheriff Mercer did his job, this day, causes me to question his actions.

Pat Pockrus, Mineral Wells

Americans must work, come together

Dear Editor,

This being the 2012 presidential election year, myself like many other Americans watch the debates,

the town hall meetings and main subject matters of the Republican candidates, as well as President

Obama’s priorities he has announced. It is up to all of us to decide what is most important for all

individuals, and what America needs most to jump start the economy.

No more, holding the American people hostage, to one political party ideology. Jobs being top on the list for Americans, perhaps resonates most, but what will it take to achieve that? It certainly takes a determined effort to make that the number one goal in making it happen.

President Obama is doing that, and the jobs being created are happening slowly, but not fast enough. Now, the auto industry is back in full capacity, and is number one in the world auto manufacturing market. Innovations are being made every day to reduce our dependence on oil, which has been kingly favored for 100 years now. Electric cars, hydrogen, bio fuel and natural gas transportation fuel has been realized. A clean source of fuel technologies are long overdue.

For our economy to come back, it will require the belief of the American people to accomplish it. The infighting we have all seen in Congress must end. A sprit of working together by both houses of Congress and a willingness to combine spending cuts with equal revenues is required for it to work. Neither should middle class and the poor be required to bear the greater burden, as seen in the last decade. The Bush tax cuts should end, and a new tax incentive begin for living wage corporations that have not, and will not, outsource jobs.

Lobbyists and the Citizens United decision, as well as the greed of excessive salaries throughout federal, states and local governments must end. It’s unfair! America can recover from its indebtedness, but even with all the above measures implemented, it will take another decade to accomplish it.

Darwin Yeary, Weatherford