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March 3, 2014

Letters to the Editor - March 2, 2014

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A Little Postons History

Dear Editor,

I was just finished reading a story you published Feb. 19, 2007, about history of the Poston Dry Goods store in Mineral Wells. It came up on a Google search. I found it interesting and informative and thought you might like a little bit of information that I found in my grandfather’s records.

For the last one and a half years I have been researching the architectural work of my grandfather, Wiley G. Clarkson, of Fort Worth.  I have been trying to document and photograph all the still extant projects he designed and also find information about those projects that are no longer with us. This has been quite an involved project as most of my grandfather’s records and stored plans were destroyed by the man who purchased my grandfather’s firm after my grandfather’s death in 1952.  During the years my grandfather was designing buildings, homes, etc., he became one of the best known and respected architects in Texas and modern day architects are still studying his work.

While digging through some of the surviving records, I found two jobs listed that he designed in Mineral Wells.  The first job was Poston’s Dry Goods, Mineral Wells Box 1 Job 127. The numbering of the job would have placed the design work between 1915 and 1917, which coordinates very well with your story for the remodeling. My grandfather also did several projects for the Poston family between 1915 and 1930 in Fort Worth and Weatherford.

The other project my grandfather designed in Mineral Wells did not occur until 1947. It is listed in a Professional Record he published in late 1947 as Job 758. That job was the design and construction of the First United Methodist Church building at a cost of $200,000.00, a lot of money in 1947.

The following link is to the Mineral Wells page on my web site about my grandfather. http://www.clarksons.org/W%20G%20Clarkson%20Architech/MineralWells.htm


Wiley G. Clarkson III

Walnut Springs, TX


Walk no walk in the park

Dear Editor,

On Thursday afternoon as I was walking along SW 5th Avenue (next to Woodland Park Cemetery) I was stopped by two Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Deputies who asked what I was doing and to see my ID. After asking whether I was being detained and receiving no answer, the two deputies went off for a conversation before returning and informing me that I wasn’t being detained but they would like to see my ID. After ascertaining that I was free to go I refused their request, wished them a pleasant afternoon, and continued to walk along the street to a small bridge at the end of the road.

As I stopped at the side of the bridge to tie my shoelaces and read a text message, the two deputies returned, stated that I was now “blocking a highway,” informed me I was being detained and demanded my identification. I complied, was involuntarily patted down for weapons, and less than 10 minutes later was on my way after the deputies determined I had no warrants.

Is walking down the road a crime now? If so, then certainly everyone in the country must be guilty. The pretext of the second time I was stopped, for “blocking a highway,” seemed to be a clear excuse just to obtain my ID and run it, as they had wished to earlier.

I am a law-abiding individual, but the fact that I am apparently not free to walk around town listening to music on my headset as I try to get a little exercise is something that should be of concern. We’re not a “papers, please” society yet, but with the experience I had this week, we’re getting there.

Simon Nash

Saddened to Learn

Dear Editor,

I am saddened to learn that Tony Eierdam was [terminated] from his duties as editor and sports writer for our local newspaper. I have lived in this community for 25 years and we have never had the sports coverage that Tony has provided over the years. He covered all sports for every school in Palo Pinto County.

The error in the Sunday paper about our local Fuzzy’s Taco restaurant was unfortunate and obviously just an oversight. Tony loves this community and would never intentionally do anything to hurt anyone.

Tony was loved by athletes, coaches, families and community members. My hope is that Tony can return to what he loves and has done his entire life.


Diane Brown

Thanks from DEC

Dear Editor,

The DEC coalition for drug-endangered children sincerely thanks all of the businesses that donated things for the students that participated in the poster contest during Red Ribbon week.  

We also thank the students for their involvement.

Plaques with DEC insignia and place won made by North Texas Pressure Vessels Inc. were then placed on plaques by Awards and More. Gift certificates donated by Fudgie’s Big Mouth Burgers and F&M Wilson Enterprises. Gifts were donated by Bealls, Cats Creation Scrapbooks and PPGH Hospital Auxiliary.

Several gift certificates for meals were donated by Pulido’s, Old School Pizza, Golden Chick, Taco Bell, What-a-Burger, McDonalds and The Yogurt Shop. Donuts from Texas Best Donuts, and Mountaineer Lanes gave certificates for free bowling.

The DEC Coalition

I Like Jim

Dear Editor,

This is my first-ever letter to the editor. I am writing in support of Jim Keffer for State Representative. Since I dislike negative politics, I will remain positive:

1. As the only doctor in a small town, I am positive that Mr. Keffer has helped me and other doctors in small communities to be able to remain in practice.

2. As a Christian, I am positive Mr. Keffer is a dedicated church-going believer.

3. As the volunteer Medical Director of a pregnancy help center, I am positive Mr. Keffer is pro-life.

4. As a cancer survivor, I am positive that Mr. Keffer has supported cancer research.

5. As a gun owner, I am positive Mr. Keffer supports my rights to bear arms.

6. As a land owner and rancher, I am positive Mr. Keffer will protect my water, land and mineral interests.

7.  As the president of a four-county medical society, I am positive Mr. Keffer has fought to keep doctors in Texas and bring more doctors to Texas.

Please be positive and get out and vote for Jim Keffer as our state representative.

Philip R. Webb, M.D.

Ranger, Texas

Concert a disappointment

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to our community for higher hopes for the future. I have had the Southern Gospel Group the McKameys here the last three years and have enjoyed it very much. The first two years were at the high school here in Mineral Wells with probably about 300 in attendance each time. This group is a very large name in Southern Gospel Music so they do charge a fee to come here.

The first two years I had help from anonymous donors to pay for the event making it possible. My hopes for this year were that I could do well enough to have a good pile of seed money for next year. I had some money left from the previous year to start the process this year. I was unable to have the event at the high school because of an increase in the cost. I contacted the Palo Pinto County Cowboy Church and they were very gracious to hold the event there. The Church was wonderful, having people to park people, greet, etc.

Unfortunately the attendance this year was the lowest it has ever been and I barely broke even, as a matter of fact if it weren’t for the left over money from the previous year I would have gone in the hole by a large amount.

I am sorry to say that this year was the last year the McKameys will be here unless I can figure a way to raise the funds necessary to put the event on again, as I simply can’t afford to pay for it myself.

I do appreciate everyone greatly who attended and supported me all three years. I am deeply saddened that our churches in Mineral Wells and the surrounding area don’t seem to support events that are not their own.

I personally drove about 350 miles all over this county and others delivering concert posters to local churches to no avail.

Well I will quit rambling and wrap this up, I just wanted the community to know why I will not be having the McKameys back again next year.


Casey Lister

Mineral Wells