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May 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor - May 19, 2013

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High praise for a special teacher

Dear Editor,

I attended Muffins for Moms this morning at Houston Elementary. It was so touching to see the line of moms that stretched down the sidewalk waiting to get their visitor sticker. Not one mom was griping as she held her student's hand in that long line waiting for a pre-packaged muffin and a plastic cup of orange juice. Just a beautiful sight.

After breakfast, Jed's third-grade teacher (also, Sam's favorite teacher ever), Mrs. Rebecca Alcorn, invited her students' moms to a Mother's Day tea in her classroom. When Sam was in third grade, I got invited to her Mother's Day tea, as well. As far as I know, Mrs. Alcorn is the only teacher who does this at Houston. She asked her students to write a poem or letter to their mom and each of the students read out loud about the love they have for their mom.

 I remember vividly the tears I shed seven years ago and the striped shirt Sam was wearing when he gave up his tiny chair for me in her classroom, and, like a true gentleman, asked what kind of tea I would like and served me a cookie and napkin along with it. Then, he stood in front of all of his classmates and read aloud what I meant to him.Until that point, I was never more humbled and proud to be a mom.

Today, Mrs Alcorn shared with other moms in Jed's class that after Sam's class moved on to fourth grade she considered giving up on her teaching career because of all the challenges she faced with the class Sam was in. She actually had stopped doing her Mother’s Day teas after that year.

When I found out that Jed was in her class this year, I immediately shared with her again how wonderful that day in her classroom was so many years ago and the impact it had made on me as a mother. Today, Mother’s Day tea was back on and just as beautiful as it was then. Jed gave up his chair, served me tea and cookies and read aloud the words he had written. The classroom was filled with teary-eyed and grateful moms just as it was seven years ago.

This is teacher appreciation week and words could not justify the respect and love I have for Rebecca Alcorn. She moves students to a new level of thinking and understanding. She uses a common sense approach to teaching and engages her students with real-world scenarios. She seeks out the underdog and inspires them to greatness. She is real, she is genuine, she is inspiring.

Thank you, Rebecca Alcorn, for not ever giving up and for exposing the true worth of all of your students. This mom will forever be grateful. You are remarkable.

With my deepest gratitude,

Anna Kertok

Mineral Wells