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January 6, 2014

Reflections ... on Christmas Past

Mineral Wells Index

— All our celebrating is behind us for this Christmas, but it really was a lovely one as we celebrated the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Years ago, when the girls were small and my father-in-law had retired, he began baking bread, and they began the tradition of traveling to friends’ houses on Christmas Eve to deliver the bread and wish them Merry Christmas.  

During the traveling we would stop for pizza.  We and the girls loved the idea, and so we have carried it on.

This year, as usual, we visited several of our close friends’ homes on Christmas Eve.  

As most of the people we visit live out in the county - or the next county - we went north and east and then stopped in Old School Pizza to eat our lunch.  

Then we continued west and finally south. For years I made gingerbread to deliver, but now I do other things for Christmas.

This year it was crochet.  And we always take along bottles of wine, as well. This year the wine was from the Bluff Dale Vineyard.

We love to shop locally - or fairly locally - when we can!

On Christmas Day I always make popovers for breakfast.  As we have no young children in the family right now, we opted for an eleven o’clock breakfast time and a 4 p.m. dinner time.

As our church has midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and Raf was to sing, we didn’t get to bed until about 2 a.m., even with no toys to put together.

After breakfast we opened gifts. Usually we play Trivial Pursuit, but this year our grandson brought a new game, HedBanz, and we had a ball playing it until it was time to eat.

Raf is not much of a game player, but our grandson insisted, and I believe Raf had more fun than anyone!

We had expected five people for dinner, but I cooked two roasts (see the recipe below*) anyway – just in case, and lo and behold, we ended up with ten!  We thought our son-in-law would have to work, but he came, along with our granddaughter and her boyfriend, and a surprise, another grandson and his friend showed up out of the blue.  It was really a great celebration.

We ate, we talked, we played, we opened gifts, and then we started all over again.

Several days before we had hosted our annual Christmas party with about fifty people in our tiny home, and it was wonderful.

A few days before that was my 71st birthday, and the night of the party our grandson brought me calla lilies – my favorite flower.  

They weren’t my favorite until he began giving them to me, but they are so beautiful and come in so many different colors, and I feel they are very exotic.

Now we are prepared for the New Year 2014.  I always remember when I was in high school reading the book 1984 and thinking it was such a long way off‚ 1984 is thirty years ago, now!

I wish all of you a glorious, happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. God bless you all!

*Best roast anywhere!  In a crock pot, place a chuck roast.  Sprinkle on a packet of Buttermilk Ranch mix, then a packet of McCormick Au Ju mix, and on top of that lay a stick of butter.  Place five of those long Greek peppers around the top of the roast and cook low for right hours.  This is the best, most moist roast I have ever eaten!