Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

March 19, 2012

Reflections on the history of women ...

Mineral Wells Index

By Sue Seibert | sue_seibert@att.net

One thing I have never been, nor do I intend to be, is a women’s libber. I think women had it so well before all that nonsense. I like the door opened for me. I like the tip of the hat and to be called “sug.” I like a seat given to me by a man or boy. I like being Mz. Sue and Mrs. Seibert! I don’t want to do a man’s job. I was a tom boy, but I never wanted to be a man!

I am proud to be a woman. As the song from Flower Drum Song goes, “I Enjoy Being a Girl.”

I feel there are certain things women should have no place in. The priesthood is at the top of my list. How many women do you know who could play NFL football on par with men? How many women do you know who could actually do all the rigorous training of the Green Berets or the Navy Seals? And, how many women do you know who could father a child!

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