Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

November 25, 2013

Reflections on Local Businesses

Mineral Wells Index

— Sometimes I just like to stop and share with you some of our local businesses and talent. I think our town is top-notch, and we have some wonderful places to go right here (in River City - Brazos River City, that is).

First of all, did you know that the Crazy Bath House is now open and running? This harkens back to our local history. What fun! It's located in the little native-stone house behind the Crazy Water Company, and do they offer some sweet deals to make your mind and body feel good!

First of all, they are offering warm, soaking mineral baths – complete with bubble jets – to begin your relaxation. They are also offering hot mineral water towel wraps. And as if that wasn't enough, they are offering the greatest massages you can get this side of, well, anywhere!

In addition, they have the wonderful mineral drinking water many really appreciate, as it helps your body in many and varied ways. And if you want to have a relaxing couple of days and night, they have guest rooms, also.

On top of all that, did you know that, in addition to their water, they sell organic health supplies like soap and facial toner, Crazy Water apparel, glasses and a huge assortment of vintage Mineral Wells post cards?  They also have cold drinks and ice cream and many brochures telling about our town and its history.

Want to call for an appointment?  Just telephone Carol or Sylvia at 940-325-8870, and they will fix you up!

Last week, we had an awful experience in addition to recovering from our wreck. We had to have the plumber out, as our ancient pipes were backing up terribly. We called Norman Tankersley's Plumbing company, and Steve and his helper were out to us ASAP. They must have worked for over three hours, in all, and they got our drains running and in great shape. You can call them at 940-325-7968. They are tops in our books!

I also want to mention three of my very favorite eating establishments, all downtown on Oak Avenue, and all providing delicious, tasty treats. The Brazos Market and Bistro has about the best soup you can get anywhere; and with cold weather upon us, what a great place to go and get warm.  The rest of the food is great, and they sell lots of interesting items and gifts.

Fudgy's Burgers and Dogs is going great guns, and if you haven't had one of Fudgy's Dogs – complete with every item but the kitchen sink – well, you just haven't had a dog! They also do a great breakfast, and the cook is one of the few anywhere who knows how to scramble an egg!

Another great place to eat downtown is the Black Horse. Those guys have a wonderful cafe with scrumptious food, and everything with a crust is simply to die for; Joe really knows how to make a crust!

Also, a great new shop in Mineral Wells is Merrimac and North, named for where two streets cross in Weatherford. They have a hair salon, wonderful and unique antiques, and lovely bakery items. They also serve hot coffee, and it's just an interesting place to browse!

Well, I have really only hit the highlights of some of our local shops here in Mineral Wells, but I'll bet you can get a gift certificate for any of these places; and what a great Christmas gift that would be.

So, with that, I will say, Happy Thanksgiving. I pray it is safe and memorable for each of you. We are very blessed to live in a hometown such as this, where we care about each other!

Thank God for Mineral Wells!