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January 28, 2013

Reflections on Downsizing

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About fifteen or twenty years ago when Raf’s aunt and uncle retired, they decided to move from New Jersey to Virginia.  Lower taxes, higher real estate values - you know.  They lived in a five bedroom, three bath house on the better part of an acre lot in New Jersey, and they were determined to get a smaller house with much less land to attend to.

I think their first mistake was that they bought the boat before the bought the house.  It was a pontoon boat that was almost as big as a party boat, and it could travel fast and for long distances.

Then they found a house on Smith Mountain Lake, the lake where What About Bob? was made.

Our youngest daughter, Christi, when seeing a photo of the house for the first time, asked, “Is that a single family dwelling?”

Yep, it was six bedrooms, four baths, with a full basement for the uncle’s woodworking hobby, and the yard must have been three acres!

Talk about downsizing!

A fried during Christmas told me that every year she gives her kids china, crystal, pottery, silver, and other things that will be going to them anyway, and which she really just wants to clear out of the house.  She had something like ten pedestal glass cake stands, and she gave one to each grandchild and had two left over!

I thought that was a wonderful idea, and I believe I am going to follow her example.  After all, the children will only have to clear it out later, and frankly, I don’t care a much for “stuff” like that.  It’s even sort of in the way.  I like my cluttered office/studio/sewing room, but I don’t want clutter in the rest of the house.

And now our storage shed in the back if absolutely full.  Again!  I had some books I wanted to give Christi the other day, and it took her forever squeezing through “stuff” in order to reach them.  Then I had our grandsons, John and Travis, move some heavy boxes out to that shed, and Raf pronounced that it is full, once again!

So I guess this spring we will spring clean once again, but the biggest piece in the shed is the four harness classic LeClerc Fanny loom.  I really, really wanted that loom, and when my friend Margaret moved to Florida and didn’t want to take it with her, she sold it to Raf instead.  I loved it, but I never used it.  And she gave me boxes and boxes of yarn as well, so all that is in the shed.  So...if you know anyone looking for a loom, please pass along my email address.

By the way, while Christi and I were in the shed, we found a couple of Mother’s books.  One is a 1930s or so cookbook and another is a journal with her college classes and grades.  

As soon as I can read properly with my new glasses, I will share some of that with you!