Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

February 4, 2013

Reflections on Our Community

Mineral Wells Index


There have been several things that have come to mind over the last little bit that I have failed to mention, so I thought I would sort of organize them all into one column.

First of all, in 2011 I had mentioned the lack of adequate downtown Christmas decorations, their scruffy appearance. Then a month ago in 2012, we had additions of new downtown city decorations at Christmas. They were lovely, and I hope the city will extend the swags and get rid of all the old decorations. Well done, city hall!

I do have one complaint regarding the city Christmas tree, however. Its lights were not right during the whole of the season, leaving most of the tree in darkness. I surely hope the city will fix that next year, as well!

Also, I am glad to see the some of the new residential codes, and I hope the city will find someone to enforce them in a timely manner. For instance, there is a house about five blocks from us that has been an eye sore for about ten years and nothing has been done. Now, I don’t mean the house needs painting or the lawn hasn’t been mown. What I mean is that there are junk and toys piled high all over the yard as there have been for years, and no one appears to have ever cleaned up the property. I realize sometimes we can’t afford paint or a lawn mower, but I do believe anyone can pick up around their homes, don’t you?

Another comment about our fair city is that there have been a lot of nice people moving in. Over the past couple of years we have met newcomers who are adding to the positive appearance and attitude of Mineral Wells. Why, just over a week ago I was in Dr. Bealka’s office getting my prescription for glasses (thank God), and Raf and I met the nicest couple, Bill and Phyllis, who were also seeing the doctor. What nice people they are! What a great addition to our town.

And down the street, Joann and Jack have moved in this past year. What lovely neighbors and friends they have become! We welcome such nice additions to our already nice town! Welcome to everyone!

And some long-time members of our community are making Mineral Wells a better place, a place for hope, change, and help. Tammy Lovell, our Mineral Wells Index “Woman of the Year,” has been instrumental in getting the Center of Life up and running and helping people who are really in need. I had mentioned in a previous column that organization is needed for this sort of thing, and Tammy is doing a masterful job. Also, the thrift store, Noah’s Ark, which Tammy helped organized is been a light of community assistance in our town.

Hopefully soon our Neighborhood Watch programs will be up and running as we all want to look after the health and safety of our town and of each other, and our District Attorney, Mike Burns, is spearheading a program that will open a Child Advocacy Center here in Mineral Wells, and lots and lots of townspeople are on already board. You can help, too!

As we can all see, Mineral Wells is growing, prospering and being a community of proud citizens who want to make friends and lend a hand to each other.

So, I am tipping my hat to all of you out there who are stepping forward to help, encourage, befriend and protect each other! Thanks!