Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

August 13, 2012

Reflections on handmade ...

By Sue Seibert | sue_seibert@att.net

What are you doing to while away your time during this terrible heat wave? I am working on Christmas gifts!

Our home isn’t evenly heated and cooled, and my office is back by the central air conditioner, so in the summer it is the coolest place to be. I call it an office, and I do have my computer, printer, scanner, binder, etc. on one table, but years ago, when we retired, Raf built me tables that are against the wall on three sides of the room. The office portion of my room is only one-third of the space, less perhaps.

The table next to my computer holds all my art supplies ... well, all that will fit, anyway. I have brushes, paints, paper, glitter, glue, markers, wax, canvases and an easel. There I paint, draw, dye and do a lot of mixed media.

Finally, on the third wall, is my sewing/embroidery machine, a rack for all my thread, fabric, yarn, beading and a place to hand weave.

Hand weaving is what I am doing right now. I’m making scarves for Christmas gifts. I’ve just had to pull out a whole section of yarn, so in frustration I have turned to writing. It’s good for me to not concentrate too much on one item if it’s giving me a problem, but rather to drop it and come back later.

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