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July 22, 2013

reflections...for Women Only

Mineral Wells Index

— Just a warning here, guys, as I have heard there are guys who read this column. This is going to be about women’s clothing, including unmentionables, which I intend to mention, so proceed with care!

Gals, I have discovered over the years some really fabulous, ready-to-wear clothing. I am a minimalist, and I do not like to iron – no, let’s say, I don’t iron, OK? So I am looking for clothing that looks good, keeps its shape, and doesn’t need ironing; but I am also looking for clothing that fits well and is comfortable and cool, and I want a good price.

So here goes. I have discovered a wonderful place, online of course, to purchase dresses, tops, pants, tanks, scarves, and bags, and it’s called Marketplace Handwork of India. You can find it at http://www.marketplaceindia.com/, and all the things they sell, including home interiors, are made by women in India. All the embroidery is hand done...and well done. It is all made of light cotton that never wrinkles, if you follow the washing instructions. After the first cold wash, in which I add a handful of salt to set the color, every wash is done in cold and tumbled on air for about five minutes, then hung. It’s absolutely easy to maintain. I always wear their tanks under the tunics or kurtas.

As to the pants under any top or kurta, I order canvas Capris from L.L. Bean, http://www.llbean.com/, or leggings from Ulla Popken, http://www.ullapopken.com/.

For a comfortable robe, also 100% cotton, I use Deva Lifewear, http://www.devalifewear.com/, and you guys can look here, as they are a unisex company, and their robes are wonderful for men or women.

On to shoes. George Marcotte, who taught with Raf years ago at Mineral Wells High School, turned us on to the absolute best, most comfortable shoes on the planet. They are SAS Shoes (San Antonio Shoes) http://www.sasshoes.com/. I almost always wear their Huggy style of sandals, and, in the winter, I wear their Easier or Simplify.  There is only one, in my case BIG, problem with SAS. You have to go into the city to buy them, as they do not sell online at all, but, hey, that’s easy as they have a store on Hulen and another in Ridgemar.

Now here’s the part the men may really not want to know about! Bras and panties!

Over the years, even going to a bra shop to be personally fitted, I have never found a better bra than the Glamorise Bra, http://www.glamorise.com/, which can be ordered online from any number of places, including JC Penney, Amazon, Base Necessities, Just My Size.  The thing with this bra is that it’s expensive, and you sort of have to shop around to find a good sale. Sometime they have sales with two for the price of one, which is great! Personally, I use the Glamorise 1000, but they have tons of styles to choose from.

Finally, panties. I’ve never really thought a lot about them, one way or the other; but when I needed new recently I went to Wal-Mart. I bought a couple of packages, one simply because I liked the way it felt, although I had never gotten the style before. It was a seamless brief from Just My Size in a three-pack. The only problem was, they were in colors, not in white. However, when I got them home and got them on, I really didn’t care.

They were that comfortable! I did look online, but they simply do not come in white, more’s the pity; but I will buy them again, anyway!

I hope this has aided some of you who are looking for comfortable, reasonably priced, easy to maintain clothing!

See you next time!