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May 13, 2013

reflections. . .

on another weekend

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— As many of you are aware, Raf and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary on May 5 –Cinco de Mayo. We met in Nashville, Tenn., in the spring of 1976 and married a year later. May 5 was Raf’s mother’s birthday, but that wasn’t why we married that day. We just picked a day and said “let’s get married.”

We were married in the side chapel of the Upper Room Chapel in Nashville. My boss, the Reverend James Alexander, married us, and we had my friend, Yvonne, and Raf’s friends, Eric and Owen, standing up for us.  Yvonne was working on her PhD in Spanish at Vanderbilt, and Owen and Eric were musicians. The small chapel was about 10 feet square with an altar and pews, so six of us were all that would fit; but, as we worked at the Methodist Board of Discipleship, we had people hanging through the door to observe. A close friend made me a bouquet of roses from her garden. It was a beautiful day!

Yesterday was also a beautiful day. In fact, the whole weekend was beautiful. We began with massages by Debbie Donaldson on Friday, attended a guitar gathering with many old friends on Saturday in Glen Rose, and capped the day by attending church at St. John’s in Fort Worth with dear friends.  We came back to Weatherford and ate at the Tokyo Seafood and Steakhouse. Then we came home and collapsed... in a good way.

It was truly a wonderful weekend. But, you know, the past three weekends have also been wonderful. Except for a little excessive wind, the skies have been clear, the sun has been shining, and the temperature has been just about perfect. And from looking at the forecast there appears to be more great weather on the way - with, hopefully, a few showers during the week to cut down the chance of fire and lessen the drought.

I honestly cannot remember such good Spring weather. In Texas, as you know, dear reader, we have either winter or summer, sometimes on the same day! But this year we are having spring.

I am excited about my garden right now, too, as Felix McLemore of Classic Lawn Care has built me another set of raised planters, and everything is coming up so nicely!

And the birds! We feed the birds summer and winter, but they also come in for the berries and pollen on our trees and plants.  Last week we had a tree full of little blue berries, and as we drove in one afternoon we were surprised to see about a hundred cedar waxwings in the tree and on the ground.

Of course, they flew as we got out of the car, but when we came back out a few minutes later, there they were again. They are such beautiful birds. They fly in flocks, and they are birds that are here today and gone tomorrow. Lovely.

In my garden now I can see doves, blue jays, robins, and cardinals, but I know there are many others that are not so easily seen.  I also see butterflies and moths. All-in-all, every blessed thing is beautiful! Thank you, God, for everything!