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July 29, 2013

reflections: on Friends and Our Town

Mineral Wells Index

— Last week we met two of our closest friends, Mary and Jerry, at the Black Horse in downtown Mineral Wells for lunch. I had a wonderful quiche of spinach, and Raf had a grilled chicken Caesar salad, while our friends had sandwiches. I also had a cherry crumble pie, and I want you to know that the quiche crush and the pie crust were absolutely delicious – as was everything else. I am terribly impressed with pie crust, however, because it, and a good white bread, are two things I have never been able to master. I’m hoping Joe, one of the owners of the Black Horse, will someday teach me his technique!

While we were at the Black Horse, we ran into many friends and former colleagues. In fact, the party room was full of teachers from my former school, Houston Elementary, celebrating a birthday. It was so good to see them all; one had even been the second-grade teacher of our grandson, John. He still talks about her and how much her teaching has meant to his life. Thanks, Wanda!

You know, it’s wonderful to be able to live in a small community with so many friends, both past and present.  

While we were shopping at Walmart (oh, please, Mineral Wells, let’s get a real grocery in town - in fact, I vote for a United or an HEB) we saw more old friends and stopped along some of the aisles to visit.

I really wouldn’t want to live in a city. I have lived in both Dallas and Nashville, and I think cities are too impersonal for words! Give me a small town or village where we know our neighbors.

In our neighborhood we have formed a Neighborhood Watch. Now, we were always watching out for each other, but now we have names, addresses, and contact information so that if we see something wrong we can let people know immediately. We are also planning a get-together in the neighborhood as part of the Neighborhood Watch. It will allow us to get to know each other even better.

I will warn perspective shadowy visitors to our neighborhood, if you are up to no good, we will see you and we will call 911!

You know, another nice thing about our small town and friends is that I get to see people, all the time, who I attended school with. We keep up with each other. We visit. We Facebook. We email. And I believe we know that if one of us needs something, the others will be right around to help.

What a great feeling that is!

So, to you new folks in town, I suggest these things: Get to know your neighbors. Patronize our local businesses. Attend our churches. Get to know us and let us get to know you. There’s lots going on here, and we would love to share it all with you.

You can read, if you would like, more of my writing by checking out my blog, Sue Looks into the Wood, at http://siouxsue.blogspot.com.

Hope you’ll join me there!