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December 3, 2012

Reflections on body odor

Mineral Wells Index


Last weekend Raf and I went to our favorite donut shop for our usual Sunday morning donuts and English muffins with egg and sausage.

We were peacefully munching and reading on our iPads when I suddenly got a whiff of something. A woman walked through the door and made her way to the counter, and her perfume followed in her wake. Before, everything tasted wonderful, and I really had not noticed an odor of any sort, but after she appeared my peaceful breakfast treat was no more.

Now, granted, I have a better sense of smell than Raf does, but he got it, too, and we could not eat fast enough to get other of there.

I just don’t get it. Why do people – women in particular but not exclusively – feel that if a little perfume or cologne is good, a lot has got to be better? Don’t they realize how breathtaking, in a horrible way, their odor can be? Don’t they care?

My first thought with these folks is that they must not bathe and feel they have to splash on scent in order to mask their true body odor, but over the years I have come to realize they either don’t care, don’t notice the odor, or they think because they like the smell everyone else must like it, too.

My philosophy as our daughters were growing up was to try to instill in them that if your body is clean, it smells, well, clean, and that’s all you need to attract the boys and not drive away friends and family. Over the years we have had to explain that many times to both our children and our grandchildren ... if you’re clean, you smell good. If you’re not, go take a bath, with water and soap – not with perfume!

How many times have we been in a posh restaurant and had a patron sit at the table next to us and absolutely spoil our meal by having bathed in their perfume? And you know what’s even worse? Those restaurants where the wait staff is allowed to wear perfume.

Perhaps there are people out there who don’t realize our noses are connected to our mouths were lie our taste buds, and if you fill your nose with stinky cologne, it overpowers the beautifully cooked fish or steak or whatever you’re spending money to enjoy!

And how about sitting next to one of the perfumed people in Bass Hall or some other auditorium where the cloud of scent is so thick the people around cannot enjoy the performance they came to hear? It makes for a sad, rather than joyful, experience!

I think there are loads of people out there who could spend a whole lot less money on perfume or cologne and just have a clean body and clean clothes and not insult those around them, but if they must wear perfume, they should put a dot behind each ear and call it good!

Sue Seibert is an author, columnist, genealogist and a frequent contributor to the Mineral Wells Index and its publications.