Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

March 8, 2013


Mineral Wells Index


I hope you are noticing – spring is beginning to emerge from winter.

Even though it has been cold and very blustery these past few days, last week in the southeast part of Mineral Wells, I noticed a weeping willow tree budding out. In a neighboring yard, I noticed a small bush bursting forth with purple flowers.

This weekend I noticed my horses beginning to shed their winter coat, always a first sign that the warmer days of spring are near.

On Monday morning, I noticed up in the sky a flock of geese flying north, and along the highway, trees donning the white cotton balls that come before their leaves. On Wednesday morning, I noticed the east horizon brightening about 6:40 a.m., and that afternoon I noticed yellow daffodils emerging from the ground.

It is so exciting! It is all God’s beauty, and it is one of the ways God assures us of “new life,” just as God promises.

Over the winter months, because it is cold or windy, or because it is too dark, we develop indoor habits and our soul goes into a winter as well. We sit in front of the television channel-surfing, watching reality shows or DIY or endless sports or movies.

We get sucked into the internet for endless hours, checking e-mail or shopping.

Cell phones with endless apps provide our nightly entertainment.

We dismiss the world and go to bed early. Noticing what is going on around us in nature is a way that we can tend to our soul, and awaken it from its own winter, but it takes intentional practice.

How do we do that?

Turn off the television and the computer and the cell phone and go outside. Put on a jacket if you have to, but go outside and feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face. Take a deep breath of the fresh, crisp air and let it fill your lungs. Look around your own home. Notice what is budding, what is blooming, what is turning from brown to green. Get in your car and drive through the neighborhood. What do you see that is changing? Make it a game – try to notice something every day.

In the bible, Jesus notices.

Everywhere he goes, he notices people whose souls have gone into the dead of winter and are longing for new life.

He notices people who are hungry and he multiplies the loaves and the fishes to feed them.

He notices people who are sick, and he heals them.

He notices the blind and makes them see, and the paralyzed and makes them walk.

He notices Zaccheus who takes the common people’s money, and he goes home to eat dinner with him.

He notices the unnamed, Samaritan woman at the well, and he talks to her. He notices a little girl who is “sleeping” and Lazarus who is dead, and he brings them back to life.

He notices you … your sad eyes, your weary mind, your aching body, your lost hope, your wintered soul.

He heals your broken heart and awakens new life within you.

Go look in the mirror! Notice that something within in you is changing.

Spring is the perfect season to witness new life stirring outdoors and within us. Practice noticing. Winter is awakening to the beauty of God’s creation.

Creator God, you hold the earth and us tenderly in your arms. Thank you for the season of spring where new life is stirring in nature and in our souls. We notice with expectation and anticipation of seeing the beauty of your creation in both. Glory be to You! Amen.