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February 1, 2013

‘No dry land and no dry bones in Palo Pinto County’

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Those were the words spoken to his spirit as he arose from a time of talking to God in prayer and contemplation. [The year] 2011 had been a rough year for landowners in Palo Pinto County. In fact, it was possibly the worst drought year of recorded history in the State of Texas. Purchasing hay from widespread states had thrust an unwanted yoke upon many. They had to pay what the man asked, or see their livestock go hungry or lose them to short sale.

As Pastor Johnny McAvoy stood to his feet, the intercession he had made to God during a time of fasting and prayer seemed to return to him in a still small voice, “Speak over these dry lands and to these dry bones.” No dry lands and no dry bones in Palo Pinto County!

In obedience, Pastor Johnny addressed his congregation the next Sunday, March 11, 2012. Feeling in some measure like Gideon of the Bible, he shared the charge he believed the Lord had given to him and his dedicated flock of believers at Words of Faith church, in Santo.

Enthusiastically, they embraced the cause of intersession in behalf of their neighbors. They began in earnest to speak against the lack that had enveloped Palo Pinto County. By year’s end, the continual pop-up thunderstorms, which occurred throughout that spring, summer and early fall, had broken the drought. The church continued to praise God for the green fields of answered prayer. Yet the charge was not finished.

In Ezekiel 37 God asks the prophet if the dry bones can live. Of course, the prophet doesn’t know the answer. To which, God tells the prophet to speak to the dry bones directly, “Oh dry bones, hear the word of the Lord.” God also spoke in verse 14, “And I will put My Spirit within you, and you will come to life …”

We ask you to join with Pastor Johnny and Words of Faith church to continue to be vigilant over the land, and the souls of men and women in our community. May we all come to life in Christ Jesus and proclaim throughout 2013, “No dry lands and no dry bones in Palo Pinto.” County.”