Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

May 31, 2012

Those pesky red monkeys

Can't stop thinking about all the wonderful Senior Center projects and events coming up

Mineral Wells Index

By VIVIAN CONRAD | Senior Center Director

There’s an old Middle Eastern folk story about an ancient alchemist who discovered how to make gold. A rich man bought the secret formula from him for an enormous sum of money. The alchemist explained the process in great detail and warned that it must be followed exactly with no variations.

“And whatever you do,” he added as the rich man turned to leave, “never think about red monkeys or the magic will be broken.”

Of course from that moment on, the rich man could not stop thinking about red monkeys. It’s kind of the same with dieting. Once I determine to put food out of my mind, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Some things just seem to stick in our minds. The harder we try to shake them off, the more they fill our thoughts.

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