Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

May 24, 2012

International flavor

Upcoming Food Fair promises no uncooked fish

Mineral Wells Index

By Vivian Conrad | Senior Center Director

During our years in Kwangju, South Korea, my best friend served several terms as parent association president at her kids’ elementary school. Part of her responsibility was arranging an annual dinner to honor the school’s administrative staff.  

Thinking it would add interest to have a foreigner at the meal, my friend invited me one year to be her guest at the dinner. Unfortunately, when Koreans really want to treat someone in high fashion they take them out for a raw fish meal. Not my favorite. But to please her I went along with the group.

Entering the restaurant, we paused by a huge water tank where each guest selected a swimming fish. The staff caught, skinned and filleted the choices and brought them on platters to our table with the flesh still twitching.

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