Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

July 12, 2012

Looking for good ideas

Mineral Wells Index

By Vivian Conrad | Senior Center Director

One summer day my three older kids, ages 6 and under, decided on a plan to make some money.  They set about coloring a variety of pictures and then stacked them on a little table in the front yard. Whenever a car went by, the three of them would hold their papers in the air and yell, “Art for sale!”  

Although our neighbors smiled and waved as they drove by, no one stopped to make a purchase.  My children’s first business venture ended in disappointment.

Not every idea is a great one. But you never know when you’ll hit on a really good idea, and you can’t know if it’s good unless you try it. If the idea turns out well, that’s to your profit. If it fizzles and dies, then you usually haven’t lost much by trying.

The Senior Center staff has spent a lot of time brainstorming new fundraising ideas this year.  Some we have implemented with satisfying success. Others just sort of sat there whimpering.  But the way we see it, every penny that comes in is one more than we started with.

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