Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

May 23, 2013

A Revised Perspective . . .

Mineral Wells Index

— My son is an EMT ambulance driver in Oklahoma City. On Monday he spent hours pulling people, alive and dead, from the rubble of what had been their schools and homes.  Five of his paramedic coworkers, one just days away from becoming a first-time father, lost everything they owned to the tornadoes. Suppressing the pain of their own losses, they continued working tirelessly to rescue others throughout the day and night.

Tuesday morning my daughter remarked, “You know, Mom, that hailstorm we had last week is growing less and less significant as I watch the news footage from Oklahoma. A little hole in the roof and a busted windshield seem like nothing compared to the devastation of losing homes and loved ones.”

She’s right. The problems we encounter from day to day pale in the face of such catastrophic loss experienced by so many families this past week. My heart is broken for them, especially the ones who lost children.

I don’t have the resources to rebuild a whole town, but I am determined to do what I can, beginning with the names we know – Cory, Raymond, Crystal, Luke and Dan.  These are the emergency service workers whose homes and possessions were completely destroyed. At the Senior Center we are collecting Walmart gift cards for my son’s friends so they can buy immediate necessities like toothpaste and socks. And we are putting together a baby shower in a box to send to Dan and his wife, who is due to deliver any day now.

If you would like to contribute toward either of these small relief projects, you can drop your gift cards, cash or baby items off at the Senior Center. It might not be much, but it’s a start.

Just a reminder that the Senior Center will be closed for the Memorial Day holiday next Monday, May 27. We will resume our regular schedule on Tuesday and end the month with a birthday party on Friday.  

I am resolved to be more grateful for the many blessings in my life and do less whining about the problems. No matter how trying my circumstances, there are many people in the world with more serious concerns than mine. I hope to follow the example of those rescue workers in Oklahoma who labored through the night, battling rain and storm, putting the safety and welfare of others before their own. They are the true heroes of our generation.